CYP | Workshop: Advancing Yourself on the Job

A secret formula exists to accelerate your path to career fulfillment and success. It starts with the BY FABLE model from, “Is This a Lousy Job or Is It Me?” by Terri Jacke, which outlines the seven stages of character development that we may go through over the course of our careers.

Join our “Advancing Yourself on the Job” workshop, Tuesday, June 22 from 7 to 10:30 a.m.  to learn which stage you are in, how to optimize your current stage, and how to move yourself to the next stage. We will also explore how leaders can leverage this insight, along with their mental and moral qualities, to expand their influence. Terri Jacke also spoke at the Business Week 2021 Cofrin School of Business Keynote Address, so attendees interested in a deeper dive into her career growth model are invited to attend! KEY TAKEAWAYS: 1) Identify the stage of character development you are currently experiencing 2) Develop a plan to optimize your current stage so you can advance to the next stage 3) Recognize the importance of a leader’s commitment to character development, including the impact of specific mental and moral qualities.

Find more about the event on the greatergbc website.

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