Top seniors will receive Chancellor’s Medallions

Thirty UW-Green Bay students will be awarded Chancellor’s Medallions this Friday (May 13) at the University Leadership Awards Program. The program takes place at 6 p.m. in the University Theatre. The medallions acknowledge both academic excellence and leadership demonstrated throughout the students’ careers at UW-Green Bay. The students are eligible to graduate in May or August 2011.

Those receiving awards are:

Brooke Bauer, Samantha Beyer, Victoria Bodendorfer, Rebecca Carr, Heather Close, Regina Elmer, Alysha Frazier, Joanna Herrmann, Becky Hintz, Celeste Hoewisch, Jessica Hopp, Leah Korger, Suzanne La Plante, Amber Maile, Travis Mathers, Ryan McConnell, Samantha Olesiak, Shaun Raganyi, Katelyn Santy, Kassandra Schnell, Kimberly Schoen, Daniel Schultz, Samuel Seefeld, Andrew Teale, Steven Teclaw, Kayla Tetschlag, Allison Thut, Ryan Van Handel, Audrey Warrington and Brittni Werner.

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