Undergraduate research takes center stage at State Capitol

When Wisconsin legislative officials and UW System leaders gathered last month at the annual Research in the Rotunda exhibit, 15 UW-Green Bay students – the most from any UW system school – were invited to present their research findings to help shape policy and our state’s future.

Undergraduates from Green Bay, Sheboygan and Manitowoc campuses shared research results and recommendations across a breadth of scientific and social disciplines – from freshwater preservation to societal impacts of virtual reality. The event put front and center the hallmark of a UW-Green Bay education: empowering students to forge their own successes, with real-life outcomes that can benefit not just region, but all of Wisconsin.

Watch: How UW-Green Bay students are shaping the future

Each presenting student was able to hone their research around subjects of importance to their lives and future professions, in partnership with a faculty mentor.

Watch: How students were empowered to chart their own research

Watch: Why students are proud to represent UW-Green Bay

Watch: UW System 2023 Research in the Rotunda video

The 10 UW-Green Bay undergraduate research projects included two distinguished Freshwater Fellows:

Development of Simple Sequence Repeats for Wild Rice Conservation Genetics

Student: Jennifer James Boush

Faculty Mentor: Lisa Grubisha

A Generation of Revenge: An Analysis of Far-Right Youth Radicalization and Holocaust Education in the US Education

Student: Kennedy Paul Himmel

Faculty Mentor: Tim Kaufman

Exploring the correlation between levels of sports fan identification and attitudes towards women and sexual minorities

Student: Thomas Miller

Faculty Mentor: Elif Ikizer

The effects of restoration projects on phosphorus concentrations throughout Manitowoc County streams and Lake Michigan

Students: Tiffany Paalman (with Natalie Ford, Christopher Santiago, Lee Watson, Sam Frauenfeld)

Faculty Mentors: Richard Hein and Becky Abler

Evaluation of Antidepressant Reversal of Behavioral and Pharmacological Stress-Induced Depression of Digging Behavior in Mice

Student: Kaitlyn Partridge

Faculty Mentor: Todd Hillhouse

African American Discrimination in Manufacturing within Milwaukee County (1960-1967)

Students: Haleigh Pavlat (with Allie Wisniewski)

Faculty Mentor: Lisa Lamson

The Queer/LGBTQ+ experience within Social Virtual Reality

Student: Liv Riendeau

Faculty Mentors: Valerie Murrenus Pilmaier

Development of an Unknown Barbier Organozinc Lab for Organic Chemistry (Sheboygan location)

Student: Colleen Yeskie

Faculty Mentor: James Kabrhel

Freshwater Fellow: Community Science Analysis of River Mouths along the Western Lake Michigan Shoreline

Student: Sarah Baughman

Faculty Mentor: Erin Giese, Robert Howe, Keir Wefferling

Freshwater Fellow: Characterizing nutrient release and relative storage times in an unconfined karst aquifer in northeastern Wisconsin

Student: Kyle Chaudoir

Faculty Mentor: Kelly Deuerling, Emily Tyner


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