Harlem Renaissance Day at Common Grounds

The Black History Month programing committee has designated Thursday (Feb. 23) Harlem Renaissance Day. To honor the literary contributions of African American writers of the era, there will be readings on the Common Grounds stage from 10 a.m. to 2 pm. All are welcome to read material from the era or just listen and take in the event. Reading materials will be available on-site. Those interested in reading should contact Kate Farley (farlkc06@uwgb.edu) to schedule a time and materials.

That evening, Prof. Adam Gaines will lead a group of faculty musicians in a performance of music of the era. That concert will begin at 7:30 on the Common Grounds stage.

For more information on these events and the other remaining events on the Black History Month program, please contact Vince Lowery (loweryj@uwgb.edu) or Shawn Robinson (robinsos@uwgb.edu).

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