Canadian network airs show on Aldrete’s Linothorax Project

Here’s an update on the continuing TV exposure for Prof. Greg Aldrete’s Linothorax Project, in which he and his UW-Green Bay students demonstrated that ancient Greek warriors enjoyed a tactical advantage with armor made of reinforced, lightweight linen. A number of American and international TV networks have filmed documentary segments; the latest aired last week on the series Museum Secrets carried by the Canadian network History Television. (The episode could also air eventually on an American network.) The show took viewers to the Athens National Museum and also to Green Bay, where the researchers, in the face of bronze-tipped arrows, demonstrated the effectiveness of their re-created linen armor. See promotional info for the show.

Additionally, Aldrete reports the book manuscript presenting the research from the Linothorax Project has just finished the peer review process and has been formally accepted for publication by Johns Hopkins University Press. The research has already been published as a chapter in a European volume on experimental archeology. For details, click here.

For a 2011 news bureau video on the project, click here.

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