Announcing: First UWGB Title IX Symposium

UW-Green Bay’s Title IX Team is planning what is hoped to be an annual presentation and training regarding the current Title IX procedures on campus.  The group will provide specific information as it pertains to Title IX as it came up over the past year and provide practical training to interested individuals regarding techniques and procedures to make them better equipped to respond to Title IX issues. The Symposium will be delivered in three sections, with the expectation that while all are welcome for the entire session, an individual would not be required to stay the entire time. The Symposium will be held Jan. 20. An overwhelming response to attend the Symposium is forcing a room change. The event will now be held in IS 1034.

12:30 p.m. to 3:30 p.m., 45 minutes: “The State of Title IX at UWGB” — answer common questions regarding why as students, faculty and staff, Title IX impacts us all.

  • Isn’t Title IX just about athletics?
  • What are the obligations of UW-Green Bay as an institution regarding Title IX?
  • How does UW-Green Bay respond to Title IX issues on campus?

60 Minutes: “Review of NCAA Call to Action (SA & Student Athletes)”
Baylor University, University of Minnesota, Duke University.

These are just a few of the athletics departments which have had significant media attention regarding sexual assaults and student athletes. Late in 2016 the NCAA placed a Call to Action for participating schools to implement real and substantial education for the institutions regarding the student athletes and sexual violence. This session will discuss some of the best practices as well as taking the time to address issues on our campus and how we as an entire community can respond.

90 Minutes: “Practical Training for Committee and Investigators”

This session is specifically tailored to investigators and hearing committee members, however it would be beneficial to anyone curious about the Title IX investigation and adjudications process. Attendees will be involved in mock interviews and hearings to address the techniques and processes that are used by UWGB Title IX teams in responding to complaints of gender discrimination.  Standards of conduct as well as possible sanctions will be discussed.

Attendance is strongly encouraged. Please confirm your interest to Chris Paquet by Wednesday, Jan. 18, 2017.

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