No transfers required: Changes to Green Bay Metro bus fares

Those in possession of UW-Green Bay ID cards can still ride for free and board any city bus with a swipe of their card, thanks to the ongoing U-Pass deal. Those riding Green Bay Metro on Wednesday (Jan. 2), however, witnessed something new with a move to simplify ridership via the launch of an unlimited daily pass. The daily pass ($3 per adult, $2 students and $1.50 for seniors and those with disabilities) replaces the old paper transfer-ticket system. Monthly and weekly passes are still available, of course, and riders can still pay the single fare ($1.50, $1 or 75 cents) if they need to get from Point A to Point B with no transfer or return trip. If you know a potential rider without a UWGB ID who might be interested, more details are available.

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Never heard of U-Pass? Click here:  The University and its students provide a modest annual subsidy to Green Bay Metro in exchange for free rides (more accurately: no-additional-cost rides) for UW-Green Bay students, faculty and staff. See an overview of the program.

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