Gifts create IAGLR scholarship in David Dolan’s name

The International Association for Great Lakes Research has announced establishment of a new scholarship honoring the memory of a top researcher and former UW-Green Bay faculty member. The David M. Dolan Scholarship will support a student conducting graduate research that uses applied mathematics to advance the quantitative understanding and management of the Great Lakes ecosystem. Dolan was a professor with UW-Green Bay from 1999 until the time of his sudden passing in June 2013 at age 63. The scholarship fund was established through gifts from family and friends. “Starting with his work with EPA in the 1970s and continuing through his tenure at (UWGB), Dave generated the finest continuous time series of nutrient loadings for any natural water system in the world,” comments friend and collaborator Steve Chapra, a professor at Tufts University. “It’s not an overstatement to say that all our subsequent efforts to understand and rationally manage Great Lakes eutrophication rest on the foundation of Dave’s efforts, ingenuity, and dedication.” The criteria and deadline for the first award of the Dolan Scholarship, open to any student who is an IAGLR member, can be found at