Green Bay nears record for wettest year with three months left, media talks to Prof. Fermanich

Wednesday’s rainfall inches us closer to breaking the record for the all-time wettest year dating back to the 1880’s. And we still have 111 days left in the year. “When we get this much rain this often, it has to go somewhere, so it either heads to our streams and rivers or it percolates down into the groundwater,” UW-Green Bay Prof. Kevin Fermanich explained, “and over time the water level in the ground, our aquifers and water tables, come up higher and higher and they’re basically at the surface in many areas now.” Fermanich says the record rains are already hampering agriculture, causing erosion and water quality issues due to runoff. Equally troubling is the urban impact, especially if this wet weather becomes the norm. See more via Green Bay nears record for wettest year — with 3 months left.