Peruvian luncheon, featuring Saxton-Ruiz, is Feb. 20

Associate Prof. Gabriel Saxton-Ruiz will be the featured speaker during a Peruvian luncheon event at noon Friday, Feb. 20 in the Phoenix Room. The A’viands chefs will cook up some special recipes recommended by Saxton-Ruiz, who will discuss the food and Peruvian culture during his lunchtime address. The menu includes: vegetarian mushroom and artichoke ceviche (mushrooms and artichokes marinated in lime juice and spices), beef anticuchos (marinated beef on a skewer), aji de gallina (chicken in a spicy sauce), quinoa and mushroom risotto, alfajores (soft delicate Peruvian cookies), chicha morada (traditional Peruvian purple corn beverage), and coffee and water. Tickets are $13 for faculty and staff; $14 for the community and Learning in Retirement members; and $8 for students. Tickets are on sale at the University Ticketing and Information Center until Feb. 16.