Software platform transitions from ‘PRO’ to ‘Handshake’

Last year our campus transitioned Phoenix Recruitment Online (PRO) to a new software platform called Handshake and branded the system ‘”PRO powered by Handshake” for the transition year. During this past year, students, on-campus department users and employer partners made the transition successfully to the new platform. Handshake is a platform used nationally by over 500 schools, and in Wisconsin 12 of the 13 UW System institutions are users. This system houses jobs and internships posted by employers, student/alumni profiles/resumes, event and job fair information and other resources related to employment. As of July 1, 2018, the system is officially Handshake at UW-Green Bay.  As a reminder, student accounts are created upon enrollment for classes at UW-Green Bay.  Alumni accounts in Handshake will remain active as long as users update their email addresses in the system.  Questions about Handshake can be directed to Career Services (465-2163 or or to Student Employment (465-2556 or