UW-Green Bay Theatre, Dance, Music to present edgy musical ‘Avenue Q’

UW-Green Bay Theatre and Dance and UW-Green Bay Music will present the edgy, award-winning musical Avenue Q Nov. 21-23, combining musical theatre skills with the added element of puppetry to present this fun and funny tale. Rated R for strong language and adult themes, Avenue Q is sure to entertain… but parents, make sure you get a sitter. Here, cast members and others offer a preview of the show:

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Associate Prof. Courtney Sherman, Music Director:

Avenue Q is sort of like — think Sesame Street for young adults. It has the added component of puppetry, so it’s unlike your usual musical.

If you think about Sesame Street’s model for their TV programs, each scene tells a lesson, teaches a lesson, tells a bit of a story. This musical is sort of following that model, although it’s life lessons that are important for young adults, young 20-something, 30-something adults trying to make it in today’s world.

It is rated R for strong language and adult themes. So it’s got the fun element of the puppets, but it is definitely geared toward an adult audience.”

Tyler Miles, “Rod”:

“It’s a lot more fun, in my opinion, than a regular acting role because we have the chance to sort of live vicariously through our puppets.”


“We had for a full week of rehearsal we had a professional puppeteer come in and work with our students and teach them the skills necessary to be able to be effective as puppeteers.”

Denise Carlson-Gardner, Choreographer:

“It’s a whole other movement analysis and theory kind of approach to it. And as choreographer, not only do you have to teach the choreography to them, but also teach how they move their puppet.”

Emmanuel Zamora, “Nicky”:

“It’s almost like playing an instrument and you have to channel your emotion. While it shows on your face, you’re putting every ounce of your energy through the puppet to the audience.”

Erin Zimmermann, “Gary Coleman”:

“I thought it would be difficult but it became a lot more natural than I thought it would be. Seeing the actors who work with the puppets get more into their character really helps us – there’s two other human characters on the show – it really helps us get more into character, too, because it really feels like we really are talking to the puppets and we forget the actor behind the puppet.”

Rod (puppet):

“Fantasies do come true.”

Nicky (puppet):

“Come see Avenue Q.”


November 21, 22, 23, 2013 at 7:30 pm, November 23, 2013 at 3:00 pm

University Theatre, Theatre Hall

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