Video: 70-in-a-Phlash, Student Drawing for Packers Experience

When UW-Green Bay students reach a 60% exemption rate (vaccinated and documented), they could be the recipient of one of 10 Packers Game Day Experiences. UW-Green Bay Vice Chancellor Corey King explains…


Video Transcript for Student Drawing for Packers Experience:

UW-Green Bay has achieved a vaccination rate (registered exemptions) of more than 50%. When UW-Green Bay reaches a 60% vaccination rate, you could be the recipient of one of 10 Packers Game Day Experiences. Each Packers Game Day Experience includes two tickets to the Dec. 25th game where the Packers will take on the Cleveland Browns on Lambeau Field’s MVP Deck with a food and beverage buffet. A $200 gift card to the Packers Pro Shop and a $200 gift card to 1919 Kitchen and Tap restaurant. To be eligible to participate in this exciting opportunity, you must file your vaccination form with the University by October 15th. 60% is within our reach! So, submit your vaccination form today.

Go Phoenix and Go Pack Go!

70-in-a-Phlash Promotion

The 70-for-70 promotion was created by the UW System to increase vaccination rates for COVID-19 on each of the UW campuses. UW-Green Bay calls it the 70-in-a-Phlash Campaign. But the only way to know if students and faculty and staff are vaccinated is to fill out the exemption forms found on the Phoenix Forward pages. The semester has barely begun and students have bypassed the 20%, 30%, 40% and 50% vaccinations goals. This means that their efforts have unlocked the following prizes and promotions:

  • 20% vaccinated = 20% off all UW-Green Bay swag in the Phoenix Bookstore (Date: TBD)
  • 30% vaccinated = 30% off at the Phoenix Club (September 22)
  • 40% vaccinated = 20 drawings for $20 in Pass Points (winners notified the week of September 7)
  • 50% vaccinated = 20 drawings for 20 sets (2) of tickets and transportation to the September 24 Brewers game in Milwaukee (winners notified the week of September 7)

See more at the 70-in-a-Phlash website.


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