That’s a whole lot of green

They came back to the UW-Green Bay campus green from head-to-toe, but the UWGB chalk team members said it was well worth it. They had a ball helping turn the city of Green Bay green following the renaming of Broadway (and Hubbard) to Phoenix Way on Monday, August 31. The activities were part of UW-Green Bay’s 50th Anniversary kick-off. Acknowledging it would take a team of 50 to canvas a town, the group managed to spread Phoenix spirit at about two dozen high traffic locations downtown, and in front of businesses owned or led by UWGB alumni in Brown County. The 50th committee extends thanks to the chalk team, and special thanks to the many businesses that support UW-Green Bay, both with bright green storefront visibility and behind-the-scenes acknowledgement and support.

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#uwgb50 Phoenix Chalk Stencil, August 31, 2015

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