Rotary Scholarship paves teacher prep pathway for UW-Green Bay student

Jeff Vande Leest (left), Club President for Rotary Club of Green Bay, and Ashley Brosig, at the March 2023 meeting.

Senior Ashley Brosig is your typical savvy, hard-working Phoenix whose journey to achieving her dreams of becoming a teacher are close to becoming reality. She shared her story with members of Rotary Club of Green Bay on March 13 in gratitude for the club’s generous scholarships.

Brosig along with senior elementary education major Megan Gomez and senior psychology major Kayla Palmer received the Rotary scholarship during the 22-23 academic year. The club has funded $24,000 in scholarships to students at UW-Green Bay since 2018.

Brosig, a Green Bay native and N.E.W. Lutheran High School graduate, is a first generation college student who discovered her calling to become a teacher after tutoring her younger sister and cousin. “College has always been a goal, it was just where and for what,” she said.

Brosig started her education with the Foundation of Teacher Education Program at Northeast Wisconsin Technical College. Her credits easily transferred over to UW-Green Bay and she was accepted into the teacher preparation program in 2021. She is on track to complete her student teaching experience in the Fall of 2023 and will graduate in December.

Meanwhile, she works part-time at Festival Foods, where her mom also works. “This scholarship has allowed me to keep my working hours manageable so that I can focus on studying and keeping my grades up,” Brosig said.

After graduation, Brosig plans to substitute teach while she searches for a permanent elementary school position. With a small but close family here, she is hoping to stay in Northeast Wisconsin.

This story was originally published on the UW-Green Bay Foundation Impact of Gifts page.

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