Photo gallery: Political scandals through cartoons

American Political Thought class views Lyle Lahey political cartoons.

University of Wisconsin-Green Bay students in Assistant Prof. Alison Staudinger’s (Democracy and Justice Studies) American Political Thought class hosted a political cartoon exhibit featuring the “scandalous” work of local artist and cartoonist Lyle Lahey. The event kicked off on Monday, May 7, 2018 in the 407 Gallery, Studio Arts.

The display was curated from cartoonist Lyle Lahey’s work, originally published online and in the Green Bay News Chronicle from 1968-2013 and now held in UW-Green Bay’s Archives and Research Center collection.

The  panel discussion focuses on the topic of “political scandals” and how they have influenced American politics. From Watergate to Iran Contra, viewers can learn more about the scandals that defined American political thought. The exhibit also featured an area for viewers to use their own political voice and create a cartoon about a modern political scandal.

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American Political Thought Class
– Photos by Amanda Jo Danihel, Marketing and University Communications

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