Photo gallery: NAS Scholarship Reception

NAS Scholarship Reception

The University of Wisconsin-Green Bay College of Science and Technology honored some of its top math and science scholars on Friday, Jan. 27 with Natural and Applied Science (NAS) scholarships. In a record-breaking year, $39,300 was awarded and 37 scholarships were given to 33 students. Each recipient was recognized for high grade point average, outstanding scholarship, innovative research and overall academic excellence.

Chair of the NAS Scholarships Committee Steve Meyer says UW-Green Bay offers many real-world experiences that allow these students to excel.

“Students are provided the opportunity to gain a wealth of experience they likely could not gain from a classroom or lab setting,” said Meyer. “These are invaluable skills our students are learning.”

The event recognized and honored all the scholarship recipients for their achievements and acknowledged the scholarship sponsors for their generosity. 

2016-17 Scholarship Awardees 

James E. Casperson/Environmental Science Alumni Endowed Scholarship (one $1,500 award): Emily Vandersteen; Alfred O. and Phyllis E. Holz Endowed Scholarship (two $1,400 awards): Madeline McKeefry and Andrew Sackett; Carol R. DeGroot Endowed Scholarship in Environmental Science (two $775 awards): Angela Grimm and Maria Otto; Morgan/Macaluso Family Endowed Scholarship (one $1,500 award): Gabriella Buhler; Ganga and Elizabeth Nair Endowed Scholarship (one $1,000 award): Morgan Geary; Katie Hemauer Memorial Endowed Scholarship (one $500 award): Morgan Geary; Brad Cook Memorial Endowed Scholarship (one $400 award): Heather Lutzow; Moose Lodge Rod and Gun Club Annual Scholarship (one $500 award): James Salscheider; Chad Moritz and Beth Meyerand Annual Scholarship (one $1,000 award): James Salscheider; Todd and Julie Bartels Annual Scholarship (one $1,000 award): Samuel Hunt; Herbert Fisk Johnson Endowed Scholarship for Excellence (four $1,500 awards): Cody Becker, Stephanie Hermans, Allison LeMahieu, and Jeremiah Shrovnal; Brown County Waste Transformation Team Annual Scholarship (one $1,350 award): Haley Lucas; Science and Mathematics Endowed Scholarship (one $550 award): Sara Eastman; Nancy J. Sell Memorial Endowed Scholarship (two $900 awards): Faith Lindemann and Adam Sturdivant; NEW Engineering Endowed Scholarship-First Year (two $1,200 awards): Brianna Messner and Jason Schampers; NEW Engineering Endowed Scholarship-Second Year (one $1,400 award): Benjamin Stratton; Susan Finco and Ed Kralovec Endowed Scholarship (one $800 award): Andrew Stoegbauer; Superior Diesel Endowed Scholarship for Engineering Technology (one $500 award): Eric Short; Dykema Family Endowed Scholarship (one $500 award): Eric Short; Lee and Kathy Anderson Endowed Scholarship for Engineering Technology (one $500 award): James Vasquez; Beth and Richard Gochnauer Endowed Scholarship for Engineering Technology (one $750 award): David Maruszczak; Faith Technologies, Inc. Annual Scholarship for Engineering Technology (one $1,000 award): Luke Draheim; Northeast Wisconsin Manufacturing Alliance Future All-Stars Annual Scholarship (one $2,500 award): Spencer Compton; American Transmission Company Annual Scholarship (four $1,000 awards): Mackenzie Johnson, Dimas Marquez, Kenzie Ostien, and James Vasquez; Feeco International Engineering Technology Annual Scholarship (two $1,000 awards): Dessiray Koss and Spencer Sego; BPM, Inc., A Specialty Paper Mill, Annual Scholarship for Engineering Technology (one $1,000 award): Phillip Vogels

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NAS Scholarship Reception 2017

– Photos by Dan Moore, Marketing and University Communication

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