Video: Sydney Gang is ready to RISE through UW-Green Bay’s Business Administration Program

Majoring in Business Administration at UW-Green Bay is transformative. Sydney Gang loves every aspect of business from building it from the ground up to connecting with people. She’s grateful for the Entrepreneurship class, mentors, and professors who helped her create her own business. Sydney, “My aspirations are to either become a corporate lawyer or run my own business.”

Transcript: I’m just in love with business. When I started my business in high school, I loved every aspect of it from building it from the ground up and just connecting with others. I chose UW-Green Bay because I was impressed by the amount of internship opportunities that they were able to offer and I knew I wanted to go into business so, I thought that was the perfect fit for me. All the professors in the business school are incredibly supportive. They’re really here for your success and which is what I really appreciate. I really enjoyed the assignments and classes that really pushed me to get out there and get real-world experience, like pitch competitions, business events and interviews. Especially my entrepreneurship class which helped me create a business at the college level, my new startup and I eventually went on to compete in Pitch competitions that I won! And now I can raise capital for my business, thanks to the class. My entrepreneurial drive comes from the want to innovate and excel a product from the ground up because it really gives me a challenge to focus on and I really enjoy that. I’m gaining knowledge from the Business Administration program for my startup that’s just currently in the prototyping phase. I’m incredibly grateful for my business professors, my mentors and the support from the community. The current internship I have is with Workaround. It’s a startup that’s developing an app which gives me the opportunity to learn how to build a startup from the ground up with the guidance from the founder which will help me beyond graduation to work on my own startup. The business school hosts multiple events that really help me with my networking skills and making connections within the community that really impact my education in a positive way. The Cofrin School of Business has new Finance Labs that allows for hands-on interactive learning to help business students prepare for the real world. I’m excited to graduate from the Business Administration program at UW-Green Bay because I feel prepared and ready for my next step. I am exceptionally proud of all the things I’ve done beyond the major at the school and I feel very accomplished. My aspirations are to either become a corporate lawyer or run my own business.

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