Video: M.S. Sport, Exercise, and Performance Psychology Program

Photo of the face a female golfer with her eyes closed laying down on the putting greens, surrounded by golf balls and a driver with the text, "M.S. Sport, Exercise, and Performance Psychology Program UW-Green Bay."

When you apply to the Master of Science in Sport, Exercise, and Performance Psychology program at the University of Wisconsin-Green Bay, you will learn how to help athletes and other performers like musicians, actors, and business professionals enhance their performances by harnessing the power of psychological skills. Meet instructors who will share with you the scope of the program and walk you through the two vocational tracks available. Learn from students who talk about their career goals and how the M.S. Sports, Exercise, and Performance Psychology Program set them on the path to fulfilling their dreams. They also share their experiences of learning from CMPC-certified professors and of interning with Division I Athletics.

Video Transcript M.S. Sport, Exercise, and Performance Psychology Program

This master’s program in Sports Exercise and Performance Psychology is ideal for any students who want to get more scientific knowledge working with athletes on improving their performance through psychological skill training.

We do expand beyond just the sports setting. When our students become CMPC credentialed, they can work with say an exercise participant who is looking to set goals to improve their health. We can work with music professionals in terms of singers or actors that may be experiencing anxiety before a performance. We can help them manage that anxiety. We can work with military personnel. Help them better manage their focus and concentration, so that they can be at their optimal best while they’re on that mission.

“I was really attracted to the fact that they give you your own kind of personal track. So, there’s the Applied track and then Thesis track. My main career aspiration is to work baseball because that’s a sport that I’m extremely passionate about. There’s the thesis track which will be really imperative in working with a professional sports team because they typically look for people who have research experience a Ph. D. and as well as that applied experience.”

“With the Applied track, I have the opportunity to do internships throughout the second year that I’m here, which will allow me to work with different athletes in order to gain that experience I would need to be able to work with them professionally.”

“Having Division 1 Athletics is a very amazing opportunity for a student to work with high-performance athletes. Students on our Applied track have in their curriculum two semesters worth of internships with the UWGB Athletic Department, the Music Department, the Green Bay Blizzard as well as Bellin Health and students also have the opportunity to establish their own internship opportunity if it’s a good fit for them.”

“It was pretty imperative that I go to a university that had instructors that were CMPC certified. So, the advantages of having your CMPC certification is that it acts as evidence that you have achieved the highest standards within the sport exercise and performance career field. To be able to have that certification is the first step being able to work with athletes, which is what I really would like to do as a future career.”

“My instructors have been fantastic, have been amazing, and have really helped my experience here just be absolutely wonderful and I’m very appreciative towards that.”

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