Phoenix men model new ‘throwbacks’

The shorts are modern-day baggy, but the rest of the look is total retro. Members of the UW-Green Bay men’s basketball team will be wearing 1970s-style uniforms when they take the Resch Center floor at 7 p.m. next Friday (Jan. 28) vs. Wright State.

The throwbacks are similar to what Phoenix teams wore from 1974 through 1978. A big and easily noticed difference is that red was the predominant color back then, before the program embraced Green Bay green and the larger University developed its own identity separate from its roots as a UW-Madison offshoot. The school’s former logo, a lower-case “uwgb,” is across the chest.

Not only will the uniforms be throwbacks for the Jan. 28 game, prices will have a bit of a retro flavor, as well. All individual tickets will be $10 in all zones, with youth tickets remaining at $7. Concession prices will be $1.25 for a small soda, $1.50 for a small popcorn and $1.75 for a regular hot dog.

Raffle tickets sold during the game will give fans an opportunity to win uniforms. Modeling the new look earlier this week were Phoenix players Bryquis Perine (0); Eric Valentin (5); Rahmon Fletcher (20); Daniel Turner (22); and Greg LeSage (44).

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