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No rain, nor sleet, nor snow could stop the rice planters from succeeding


From seed handlers, to boat operators and ice breakers, to rice harvesters and transporters to the planning team, many people contributed their time and effort to a successful Green Bay wild rice seeding, even in the face of treacherous Wisconsin weather conditions bringing snow, wind, ice and sub-freezing temperatures throughout the week. To show just how […]

It’s ‘double time’ for these two UW-Green Bay student-athletes and enlisted military members


Juggling academics, sports and life is hard enough. Now imagine also being in the military at the same time. Not many are able to endure this intense level of dedication, mental and physical fortitude, belief and talent to endure. But two University of Wisconsin-Green Bay students possess these qualities and embrace the challenge every day […]

Launch pad: STEM Innovation Center is already on a rapidly ascending trajectory

STEM Center Rocket Launch

How else to launch a newly minted innovation center? With rockets, of course. Truth be told, these rockets that wouldn’t cause Elon Musk or Jeff Bezos to lose any sleep. In true Eco U tradition, these extremely sustainable projectiles were propelled by air pressure and contained grass seed, to “compost” upon landing. The prevailing winds […]

Learn how to help save the environment with PEAC’s Plastic Film Program


Without even knowing it, you may be harming the very ecosystem you inhabit everyday. However, the University of Wisconsin-Green Bay’s Public and Environmental Affairs Council (PEAC) plastic film recycling program is seeking to make the community more sustainable by getting plastic out of the waste stream. The program was started in spring 2014 by a […]

Roots and Wings: 20 Years of Biodiversity

Nick and Stephanie doing field research

Two decades ago, a group of visionaries insisted that with the right resources and opportunities, UW-Green Bay could become a regional conservation leader. They were right. With a physical presence and intellectual capital, the University’s Cofrin Center for Biodiversity took flight, and this year friends are celebrating its tremendous progress and accomplishments. Planting the seed […]

Iconic art will depict ‘Phoenix rising’ at UW-Green Bay

Update: Dedication of the sculpture “Phoenix Rising” will be Wednesday, Sept. 4 at 3:30 p.m. at the Cofrin Library Circle. Chancellor Miller, Eric Arneson and artist Carl Vanderheyden are on the program to speak.  Come late summer, there will be a new location for visitors and members of the University of Wisconsin-Green Bay community to […]

Video: No longer marked with an x, UW-Green Bay Prof. Ryan Martin’s talk is now TED official

TEDxFdL Ryan Martin

UW-Green Bay Professor and Associate Dean Ryan Martin (Psychology, CAHSS) can drop the “X”. His TEDx FondduLac Talk video presentation, “The Upside of Anger,” has officially moved to TED Talk status. That means the TED  organization has recognized Martin’s presentation as one that should be spread nationally, and even globally! TEDx FondduLac founder and license […]