Watch the Video: Online classes are a game-changer for this bachelor’s in Organizational Leadership student

The role of husband, father and supervisor for one of the top airlines in the country keeps UW-Green Bay student Ryker Schneider busy. But in true Phoenix fashion, he fearlessly pursued a degree in Organizational Leadership, citing the program’s online flexibility as the game-changer that allowed him to juggle his many roles both at home and professionally while pursuing his education at UW-Green Bay. Ryker chose the major to pave his way up the career ladder at Delta Airlines. The beauty of the Organizational Leadership major at UW-Green Bay is the convenience of learning from anywhere, at anytime…giving Ryker the Power to Rise on his terms. 

[Note to reader: this video contains information about UW-Green Bay’s Bachelor’s Degree in Organizational Leadership]

Transcript: I’m a husband, I’m a father to a one-year-old and I’m a supervisor at Delta Airlines. My life is really busy. The reason I chose UWGB for the Organizational Leadership program is cuz, I loved having it online. I was in New Orleans for work and after my shift, I would go to the hotel room and work on homework and so or I would work on the plane. The classroom can be anywhere and you can learn from anywhere. My favorite classes were taught by Patricia Hicks. She was an amazing instructor and I learned so much and like and everything she taught I was just like, this is amazing. Like, I would like I haven’t been so passionate about an instructor before where I’m just like at home being, like this is like she knows her stuff. The Organizational Leadership program I would say has been, one of the best decisions in my life. This is my second crack at education. Um, I went to UW-Oshkosh and didn’t do so hot there and I went to UWGB, and the instructors within the program they you know you really get a sense of care. You can do a lot with Organizational Leadership for me example, I’ve taken it so I can work my way up into Delta Airlines. I started Delta Airlines in 2015 and I became a supervisor in 2017. Over the last 6-7 years, I’ve been that supervisor and so there’s positions that I need to uh have a bachelor’s in. There’s so much things I can do with degree, that I’m just really excited to see what I can utilize my degree for.

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