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Pre-Halloween panda-monium

Halloween spirit at the Tutoring and Learning Center
At least some of the people at the Tutoring and Learning Center on campus were in the Halloween spirit even a day early, in this case, on Wednesday, Oct. 30.

We found this particular individual — in real life, we’re told, she’s a student chemistry tutor — hanging around the office on the first floor of the Cofrin Library.


Reminder: English as a Second Language support is available

Our friends in the International Center are taking this opportunity, with the start of the second semester, to remind all on campus that international students occasionally face challenges in UW-Green Bay courses due to unfamiliarity with U.S. teaching methods or complexity of the English language. Any instructor who believes an international student’s academic progress might benefit from English as a Second language support is encouraged to refer the individual to Tutoring Services (CL 102,extension 2958).