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Vote now for your favorite Falcon names

Voting has closed It’s time to name those falcons! The University community and members of the public are invited to take part in naming the historical, first successful Peregrine falcon hatch on the UW-Green Bay campus. Thank you to everyone who provided potential names for campus’s fierce falcon foursome. More than 120 groups of names […]

Help the Phoenix name the Falcons

UW-Green Bay is proud to announce that after seven long years of trying, the University is now home to its first successful nesting of Peregrine falcons…and we need your help in naming our new feathered friends! The four male eyasses (baby falcons) pictured above hatched in May on top of the University’s eight-story Cofrin Library. We’re […]

Campus Cliffhanger: A team of volunteers bands together for successful birth and banding of Peregrine falcons

Congratulations to Rupert and Mimi, the Peregrine parents of four fuzzy eyasses (baby falcons) hatched recently on the UW-Green Bay campus. According to Tom Erdman, Director of the Richter Museum at the Cofrin Center for Biodiversity, it is the first successful nesting since the Peregrines first attempt in 2011, when “a fight with another Peregrine […]

Meet Peregrine falcon parents Rupert and Mimi

Resident bird expert and curator of UW-Green Bay’s Richter Museum of Natural History, Tom Erdman shared photos and details of the University’s newest parents. Rupert and Mimi are the Peregrine falcons currently nesting on the roof of the David A. Cofrin Library. Rupert Rupert, an adult male, replaced the unbanded male present at the start […]

Falcon keeps an eye on things

Birders from the Cofrin Center for Biodiversity have been training their scopes toward the roof of the Cofrin Library in recent weeks, with multiple peregrine falcon sightings on the UW-Green Bay campus. Amateurs are enjoying the occasional sighting, as well. This smart-phone snapshot of a resting falcon — we think it’s a peregrine based on […]

Birds wanted: Luring rare falcons to nest in Phoenix Land

Bird enthusiasts at the University of Wisconsin-Green Bay are taking an “if you build it, they will come” approach toward attracting peregrine falcons to nest atop the campus’ tallest building. Observers could know as early as this month whether peregrines will return to nest atop the eight-story Cofrin Library.

Campus peregrine falcons gone but not forgotten

Amid the end-of-semester hubbub and finals-time insanity, you may have missed the news that UW-Green Bay and its Cofrin Library building this spring played temporary host to two very special guests — a nesting pair of peregrine falcons. And while the female’s three eggs ultimately failed to produce offspring, Richter Museum Curator Thomas Erdman said […]

Cofrin Library plays temporary host to pair of peregrine falcons

The ubiquitous Phoenix may be the University of Wisconsin-Green Bay’s most familiar feathered friend, but earlier this spring it was a rare bird of another kind rising to notoriety on campus. At least two peregrine falcons made themselves at home on the roof of the eight-story Cofrin Library for about a month in April and […]