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Leonardo statue to be unveiled Wednesday in Lenfestey Courtyard

The big day has arrived! In March 2013, UW-Green Bay received a 550-pound bust of Leonardo da Vinci, a gift from the Romualdo Del Bianco Foundation, founded by Paolo Del Bianco, a Florence, Italy businessman and philanthropist who received an honorary doctorate from UW-Green Bay in 2007. Thanks to the work of Profs. Sarah Meredith Livingston and Ray Hutchison, UW-Green Bay was the first U.S. university to connect with the foundation’s programs, and is the only stateside institution — and one of just five worldwide — receiving a Da Vinci bust from the foundation. The statue will be unveiled at a ceremony 4 p.m. Wednesday (May 14) at its permanent home in the Lenfestey Family Courtyard of Mary Ann Cofrin Hall. The unveiling is open to all. We’ll have full coverage in a future issue.

Turkeys show up for first day of classes

A half dozen wild turkeys appeared to be seeking entrance to Mary Ann Cofrin at 7 a.m. Monday, June 24, the first day of classes for the main summer session. (Note that the two birds in the photo at right seem to be checking out a view of the Gathering Room or perhaps the MAC Hall atrium.) Brad Drephal, a student building manager for the University Union next door, snapped these photos on his way to work. The small flock retreated when Drephal stepped closer.

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Turkeys at entrance of MAC Hall, June 24, 2013Turkeys at entrance of MAC Hall, June 24, 2013

National History Day to welcome 400 students to campus April 6

UW-Green Bay will host the Northeastern Wisconsin Region’s National History Day competition Saturday, April 6, marking the 11th consecutive year the event has been held on campus. The competition will welcome approximately 400 middle and high school students from 23 schools throughout the region, who will showcase projects on topics ranging from Vince Lombardi and football’s color barrier to Lucille Ball, Title IX and the Civil Rights movement. The theme for National History Day 2013 is “Turning Points in History: People, Ideas and Events,” and students are approaching their projects in a variety of innovative ways, said UW-Green Bay archivist Deb Anderson, regional coordinator for National History Day. The competition will be held in the Kress Events Center and Mary Ann Cofrin Hall. The all-day event begins with an opening ceremony at 9 a.m., with judging taking place from 9:30 a.m.-3:30 p.m. Awards will be presented in the Kress Events Center at 4 p.m. Winners from the regional competition will move on to state and perhaps national competition. See our news release.

One small step for Google maps, one giant leap for MAC Hall

Getting campus buildings submitted and accepted at Google maps is something UW-Green Bay Web Services staffers have been making a priority. There’s now success to report: When someone searches Mary Ann Cofrin Hall in Google maps, a marker will reveal the location along with a gray, MAC Hall-shaped polygon that even shows the courtyard space for the winter garden. It’s a nice bit of progress in making UW-Green Bay more easily navigable for outsiders and insiders alike: click here.