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Faculty note: Professors Martin and Voelker published chapters

UW-Green Bay Prof. Ryan Martin (Psychology and Human Development) and Associate David Voelker (Humanities) have published chapters in a new book released this month, titled SoTL in Action: Illuminating Critical Moments of Practice. SoTL — or the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning — refers research on student learning carried out across many different fields. Martin’s chapter […]

New ‘Serious Fun’ podcast episode out now

The newest episode of the Serious Fun podcast is here. Another great year of Brown County Library Comic-Con episodes comes to a grand finale with a special Phoenix Studios crossover event. Associate Prof. Bryan Carr (Communication and Information Science) joins forces with Prof. Ryan Martin (Psychology and Human Development) and Dean Chuck Rybak (College of […]

Faculty note: Prof. Regan Gurung publishes article in Teaching of Psychology

UW-Green Bay Ben & Joyce Rosenberg Prof. Regan A. R. Gurung (Psychology and Human Development) has recently published a research article in the journal Teaching of Psychology. The article reviews all the research on introductory psychology and lays out 11 key questions for future research in the area. View the article.

Faculty note: Prof. Ryan Martin about anger expression and gender stereotypes

Prof. Ryan Martin (Psychology and Human Development) was recently interviewed for the Deseret News article, “Women Are Being Encouraged to Express Rage. Is This a Good Thing?” “I think there are very clear messages we send to boys versus girls about how to express emotions, and what is OK, and what is not OK,” Prof. Ryan […]

Brown Bag Talk: Christine Smith, ‘Your sexism is showing…’

Please join UW-Green Bay Associate Prof. Christine Smith (Human Development) for a Brown Bag Discussion, “Your sexism is showing: School dress codes and the policing of female bodies.” The event will take place from Noon to 1 p.m. Tuesday, Oct. 23 in MAC C303. Don’t forget to bring your lunch!

Faculty note: Prof. Regan Gurung writes article on for ‘Psychology Today’

UW-Green Bay Ben & Joyce Rosenberg Prof. Regan A. R. Gurung (Psychology & Human Development) recently wrote an article for Psychology Today. The article, titled “Tempted to Cancel That Meeting? Don’t,” examines the emerging trend of people cancelling meetings. Read more.

Assistant Prof. Jason Cowell’s research featured in Deseret News article

The research of Assistant Prof. Jason Cowell (Human Development) has been featured in a Deseret News article titled “In light of Brett Kavanaugh, an in-depth look at how and when character is formed in kids.” The article cited “Our Brains are Wired for Morality: Evolution, Development, and Neuroscience,” a piece Assistant Prof. Jason Cowell co-authored […]

New ‘Serious Fun’ podcast with Associate Prof. Bryan Carr

“Serious Fun,” the Phoenix Studios podcast with UW-Green Bay Associate Prof. Bryan Carr (Communication, Information Science) that examines the media that shapes and reflects our lives, has a new episode featuring UW-Green Bay’s Ben & Joyce Rosenberg Prof. Regan A. R. Gurung (Psychology, Human Development). Listen to the new episode.

Faculty note: Prof. Regan Gurung publishes book on health psychology

UW-Green Bay Ben & Joyce Rosenberg Prof. Regan A. R. Gurung (Psychology & Human Development) recently published a new book, “Health Psychology: Well-Being in a Diverse World.” The book introduces students to the main topics and issues in health psychology through a unique perspective focused on diversity. Learn more.