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UW-Green Bay Faculty Senate opposes campus carry

Members of the UW-Green Bay Faculty Senate voted unanimously at the group’s meeting on campus Wednesday, Oct. 28, to register opposition to a legislative proposal that would amend the state’s concealed-carry law to allow permitted civilians to bring guns and other deadly weapons into UW System campus buildings. The text of the resolution: Resolution of the University of Wisconsin–Green Bay […]

Faculty Senate bids farewell to Abbott with extra-parliamentary proceedings

The final bit of business at the April 29 Faculty Senate meetings was festive, fun and congratulatory. Prof. Steve Meyer, chair of the University Committee, took the floor to read a resolution (see text below) honoring Cliff Abbott for his service as Secretary of the Faculty and Academic Staff. Abbott was then invited into the […]

UW-Green Bay groups pass resolutions against UW System budget reductions

Governance groups and related organizations at UW-Green Bay have joined others at campuses statewide in voicing their consensus on the UW System budget cuts proposed in the governor’s 2015-17 budget. Resolutions were passed by the Faculty Senate, Academic Staff Committee, University Staff Committee and the Retirees Association.