Faculty Senate bids farewell to Abbott with extra-parliamentary proceedings

The final bit of business at the April 29 Faculty Senate meetings was festive, fun and congratulatory. Prof. Steve Meyer, chair of the University Committee, took the floor to read a resolution (see text below) honoring Cliff Abbott for his service as Secretary of the Faculty and Academic Staff. Abbott was then invited into the center of the gathering where he was presented with a lounge chair, Hawaiian shirt, world-famous salsa (from the kitchen of Meyer), a glass mug, and two bells to ring to request its refilling. (The final gift was for Abbott’s wife: a set of ear plugs.)

See photos of the proceedings here.

The text of the honorary resolution:

Whereas, Cliff Abbott has committed to memory all Wisconsin Chapter 36 statutes, Wisconsin Administrative Code, UW System Policies, Procedures, and Legal Resources, Regent Policies, the UW-Green Bay Handbook for Faculty, the UW-Green Bay Handbook for Academic Staff, the UW-Green Bay HR Policies and Procedures, the charges of every UW-Green Bay Governance Committee, and the entire volume of Roberts Rules of Order; and,

Whereas, Cliff Abbott can swim miles at lunch, play piano with the best, and still be perfectly coiffed for his afternoon office time; and,

Whereas, Cliff Abbott has an uncanny ability to wordsmith the Faculty Senate minutes so they are actually fun to read; and,

Whereas, Cliff Abbott can sing happy birthday in Oneida; and,

Whereas, Cliff Abbott can rock the red bow tie like nobody’s business; and,

Whereas, Cliff Abbott is a gentleman and a scholar, an upstanding member of the faculty, a dedicated colleague, and just an all-round great guy; therefore

Be it resolved that the Faculty Senate wishes Cliff Abbott a most happy retirement filled with adventure, fun, laughter, and nothing but enjoyment, because no one deserves it more than he does.

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