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Shoe Tree ceremony is Monday noon

Graduating seniors are invited to add their shoes to the UW-Green Bay “Shoe Tree.” It’s a Residence Life tradition, but when the original old oak near housing toppled in a storm, a new tree was designated closer to the Ecumenical Center. (Hence, the Bless My Sole ceremony set for Monday (May 9) from noon to 1 p.m. outside the Mauthe Center at the site of the “new” century-old oak.) Seniors knot the laces on old shoes and sneakers and toss them high into the branches.

Clarification: Dozen Denominations Dinner

Our post yesterday about this week’s “Dozen Denominations Dinner” at the Mauthe Center was unclear as to the beneficiary of the fundraising event. All proceeds will go to the Center and this year’s special project involving clean water wells in the developing world. For additional info, read the Press-Gazette article or check the Center’s website.

‘Dozen Denominations Dinner’ to raise money to bring clean water to Africa

The Richard Mauthe Center for Faith, Spirituality and Social Justice, previously known as the Ecumenical Center on the UW-Green Bay campus, will be holding a fundraising event called the “Dozen Denominations Dinner” at 7 p.m. Thursday (March 24). Local faith communities will prepare unique culinary specialties and UW-Green Bay students will provide entertainment for the evening. Part of the proceeds raised will benefit the Mauthe Center and the rest of the funds will be used to build a well in Africa during the summer of 2011. This fundraiser is aimed to educate and engage UW-Green Bay students about the significance of clean water and the impact of shortages around the world. Tickets for the event are $50 for community members and $20 for students. For more information, visit the Center’s website.

Chili Bowl fundraiser for Habitat is Thursday

Habitat for Humanity is hosting a chili bowl fundraiser this Thursday (Feb. 24).  You can pick from a selection of unique bowls, load up with all the chili you can eat, and keep the bowl at the end of the night.  They will be serving at the Mauthe Center (EC) from 4 to 7 p.m.  The cost is $10 for adults, $5 for children 12 and under, and $6 for students with their IDs.  All proceeds go toward a sponsorship of a local Greater Green Bay Habitat home.

Article covers Mauthe Center name change

An article submitted to the Green Bay Press-Gazette by Adi Redzic, a staff member of the Richard Mauthe Center for Faith, Spirituality and Social Justice, takes a look at the history of the former Ecumenical Center. The piece traces the Center’s history back to its beginning in the 1960s. Rev. Mauthe, a Catholic priest, was the Center’s first director and one of the founder’s of the unique religious center. Read the article.

Mauthe Center to host ‘the Life of Dorothy Day’

On Sunday (Nov. 14) at 2 p.m., the Mauthe Center (formerly the Ecumenical Center) will host a theater performance on radical journalist Dorothy Day, Haunted by God: The Life of Dorothy Day by Paul Amandes, Robert McClory and Lisa Wagner. The presentation is performed live by Wagner and directed by Virginia Smith. Day was the co-founder of the Catholic Worker Movement, a nonviolent movement for peace and social justice. For more information, call the Mauthe Center at 465-5133 or e-mail info@ecuwgb.org.

Ecumenical Center becomes Mauthe Center

The Ecumenical Center Board of Directors has announced that it is changing the name of the organization from The Ecumenical Center to The Richard Mauthe Center for Faith, Spirituality, and Social Justice. The decision comes as a result of the Center’s desire to honor the founder and guiding spirit behind the Ecumenical Center – The Rev. Richard Mauthe. The EC grew out of the former Newman Center on Hartung Street near the two-year UW Deckner campus. The EC opened a second location with the opening of the Shorewood campus in fall 1969, in a building near the main entrance boulevard overlooking Nicolet Drive. The current facility dates to 1982, when an ecumenical group of some 30 denominations secured a $650,000 gift from the trust of Arlene B. Walter to finance construction. The facility is an “island” surrounded by state property, and operates independently with a private board of directors.

Name change will be official with Tuesday night ceremony

The Mauthe Center re-naming will be made official on Tuesday (Nov. 2) at 7 p.m. during the monthly Tuesdays with Mauthe program hosted by the Center. The event will include heavy hors d’oeuvres and a talk by Fr. Mauthe on how it all began: the vision, the inspiration, and the hope behind an ecumenical dream in Northeast Wisconsin. The event is open and free to the public. RSVPs are required, however. Please call 920-465-5133 or e-mail info@ecuwgb.org to make your reservation. 

More on Thursday’s International Day of Peace at the EC

The Ecumenical Center hosts International Day of Peace celebrations Thursday (Sept. 23).

At noon, Thomas Bolin, associate professor of religious studies at St. Norbert College, will give a lecture on “World Religions” and attendees will receive a free lunch.

At 7 p.m., participants including international students will offer an International Prayer for Peace sharing meaningful messages in various languages from German to Japanese while singing well-know tunes such as Imagine, Give Peace a Chance and others.

Adi Redzic of the EC says, “Cutting through the day-to-day noise and negativity while celebrating what matters the most lies at heart of this celebration. The events will conclude with a concert given by the band “Today’s Yesterdays” and food.

All events are held at the Ecumenical Center, they are free and open to everyone.”

EC to celebrate International Day of Peace

This Thursday, the Ecumenical Center on the UW-Green Bay campus will mark the International Day of Peace with a series of events throughout the day. At noon, a religious studies professor from St. Norbert College will present a lecture on world religions. At 7 p.m., students will hold a prayer service for peace followed by music and refreshments. For more on the day’s activities, check out this article in the Green Bay Press-Gazette, click here.