Prof. VonDras has new book

UW-Green Bay Prof. Dean D. VonDras (Human Development, Psychology) has a new book published, “Better Health through Spiritual Practices: A Guide to Religious Behaviors and Perspectives That Benefit Mind and Body” by Dean D. VonDras, Ph.D, Editor. “Recognizing that many religious and spiritual beliefs promote wellness through their practices or stated objectives — for example, focusing on simple living, having compassion for others, vegetarianism, or meditation and mindfulness. This refreshing work provides a review of the world’s spiritual perspectives and traditions and explores how their guiding principles encourage healthy lifestyle choices. An examination of religious and nonreligious perspectives from around the world — from atheism, Confucianism and Christianity to Islam, Judaism, Shamanism and Zoroastrianism — reveals how faith beliefs and values influence behavior and inspire healthy living. The book is published by Praeger, and more information about this publication is available through its corporate website.