Wolf and Howe coauthor research publications

UW-Green Bay Professors Amy Wolf and Bob Howe had their research published in the journal, Global Ecology and Biogeography (2018) along with colleagues, led by James Lutz of Utah State University. The research examines the contribution of large-diameter trees to biomass, stand structure, and species richness across a wide range of global forest biomes. The work concluded that because large-diameter trees constitute roughly half of the mature forest biomass worldwide, their dynamics and sensitivities to environmental change represent potentially large controls on global forest carbon cycling. Read Global importance of large-diameter trees.  Another recent paper co-authored by Wolf and Howe received the British Ecological Society’s Harper Prize for the best paper in the prestigious Journal of Ecology by an early career scientist, lead author Jenny Zambrano. This work, entitled  Neighbourhood defence gene similarity effects on tree performance: a community transcriptomic approach, was based on research at the Wabikon Forest Dynamics Plot near Crandon, Wisconsin and laboratory and greenhouse studies supervised by Nathan Swenson of the University of Maryland. Zambrano, a native of Colombia, is a postdoctoral fellow at the National Socio-Environmental Synthesis Center (SESYNC).