TV-2: ‘Star Wars’ coincides with UWGB launch of new Sci-Fi track

The release of “Star Wars: The Force Awakens” comes as students at UW-Green Bay now have the opportunity to add a minor (area of emphasis) in Science Fiction and Fantasy.  The new area of study within Humanistic Studies got prominent play recently in a news report on WBAY-TV 2. The first class, just completed by 20 students, was Latin America political science fiction. Prof. Gabriel Saxton-Ruiz says the enthusiasm for “Star Wars” ties in with growing interest in the genre. “We’re really excited about (the new program),” Saxton Ruiz told reporter Jeff Alexander. “We are exploring distant worlds, distant futures alternate histories and by doing that we’re also taking a look at our own culture, our own society, the problems that we’re encountering.” To see the story,