In the news: Bond between sisters, Phoenix runners

Monday’s Green Bay Press-Gazette featured a nice story on sisters and Phoenix cross-country runners Lauren and Sarah Mauel, a pair who have encountered numerous obstacles en route to one of their ultimate goals — being able to compete together. Injuries kept them from doing so in high school, and the promise of running together at UW-Green Bay was one reason Sarah, the younger sister, chose the University. The younger Mauel has had tremendous success, beginning her college career as the top Phoenix finisher in the team’s first five meets. But Lauren Mauel has had a variety of injuries and ailments — some run-of-the-mill, some unusual and scary — that have kept her from competing. Still, the sisters may yet get their chance if Lauren is cleared to compete at the NCAA regional in Madison Nov. 9, the story says. “What those two have between them is something special,” cross-country coach Mike Kline told the Press-Gazette’s Andrew Pekarek. “You learn from all situations. It’s easy to learn from the fun situations, but it’s the challenging ones where you really learn something and gets you thinking.” Full story.