Faculty note: Prof. Luczaj publication

UW-Green Bay Professor John Luczaj (Natural & Applied Sciences), along with co-author Hui Huang (Indiana University-Bloomington), had an article accepted for publication titled “Copper and sulfur isotope ratios in Paleozoic-hosted Mississippi Valley-type mineralization in Wisconsin, USA”. The work will be published in Applied Geochemistry, a multidisciplinary journal that specializes in geochemistry of natural and urban settings. Their work builds on recent geochemical research on Mississippi Valley-type (MVT) mineralization that has important implications for groundwater quality in the region, such as eastern Wisconsin’s arsenic contamination. This particular research article is the first known application of stable isotopes of copper to MVT deposits, which has allowed a better of the original crustal source of metals for eastern Wisconsin’s MVT mineralization. The article is available online.