More on new role for Stacie Christian

In yesterday’s update on hirings and job responsibilities in the American Intercultural Center and related areas, we now see we were imprecise in describing what is actually a new assignment for veteran UW-Green Bay employee Stacie Christian. We noted that Christian is wrapping up her successful and much-appreciated one-year stint as the University’s interim director of diversity, which is true. We said she would return to devoting some of her time to her ongoing duties as a lecturer for academic programs including Human Development/Psychology and Adult Degree, and as coordinator of the LGBTQ-focused Pride Center. Also true. Where we fell short was in suggesting Christian would “return” to her additional and part-time assignment as UW-Green Bay’s Coordinator for Inclusive Excellence. In fact, the coordinator title is new not only for Christian but for the larger University, as well. It’s an effort to put greater focus on the development and success of campuswide Inclusive Excellence initiatives by identifying a key leader and point person. Christian will continue to lead the Chancellor’s Council on Diversity and Inclusive Excellence in her new role. To summarize: Christian will continue her jobs as an academic lecturer and as Pride Center coordinator, and this summer add a new area of responsibility as Inclusive Excellence coordinator. In that latter role she can be reached at ext. 2167 or in the University Union, Room 153. You can also find Stacie working in her Human Development/Psychology Office, ext. 2349 or MAC C329.