Guv loves Green Bay? Walker’s frequent visits unsurprising, Helpap says

The Green Bay area has become Gov. Scott Walker’s second-favorite state destination (after Milwaukee) as he prepares to formally announce his re-election bid Tuesday (April 15), the Press-Gazette reported during the weekend. Reporter Paul Srubas turned to Assistant Prof. David Helpap, Public and Environmental Affairs, to talk about the trend, which Helpap said is unsurprising. “As he is beginning to launch his re-election campaign, there’s been a significant focus on Northeastern Wisconsin,” Helpap said in an interview last week. “This region of the state has not been as solid one way or another when it comes to the way we vote. Milwaukee is a given, Madison is a given. … Green Bay and the Fox Valley, less so.” Log readers may recall that Walker was in town twice last week alone, including a stop on our campus Wednesday (April 9) for a Medical College of Wisconsin event. Full story.