Analyzing the ads: Meyer offers take for story on Super Bowl spots

Between the Clydesdales, Doritos and the noisy lip lock between the tech geek and the swimsuit model, Sunday’s Super Bowl ads provided no shortage of moments to talk about. Prof. Emeritus Tim Meyer offered his expertise, providing some context for a story on the spots that ran in Monday’s (Feb. 4) Green Bay Press-Gazette. In it, Meyer notes that most advertisers actually stay away from the big game — and that those who do advertise tend to be new competitors to the market, businesses with a new variation to an existing brand or national advertisers that include men (especially those younger than 50) as their key audience. “Most advertising for established brands in familiar categories seeks to remind current customers that ‘This is your brand,’ ” Meyer said. “There is some hope for new customers but the numbers here are very small.” Full story.