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State of the State: Furlong offers take during interview with Fox 11

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Politics watchers and members of the news media are looking ahead to Gov. Scott Walker’s State of the State address, set for 7 p.m. Wednesday, Jan. 22 in Madison. WLUK, Fox 11’s Andrew LaCombe turned to our own Scott Furlong Wednesday (Jan. 15) to talk about the issues — and the possible ramifications for Walker’s re-election bid later this year. Walker will likely mention many issues but focus on a few — namely, the economy, jobs and taxes, Furlong said. The speech also can be viewed as the beginning of Walker’s campaign. “This is his way of really saying, ‘This is what I’ve done, this is what I plan to do,’ ” Furlong said, “and again, if he doesn’t say it directly, what he’s implying (is) that ‘This is what will happen if you re-elect me again in November.’ ” Full story.

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