Diversity Award winner Bauer addresses Opening Day gathering at Stout

Fresh off her UW System Diversity Award win, UW-Green Bay Prof. Angie Bauer delivered the keynote address at UW-Stout’s Opening Day Ceremony Tuesday (Jan. 15), talking about the issue of stereotype threat — namely, the threat that a person will be negatively stereotyped due to his or her social identity — and how it can create anxiety that interferes with learning. This anxiety, Bauer said, is thought to be a key contributor to the achievement gap that often is observed between majority and minority students at many academic institutions. Her professional development talk described inclusive, collaborative approaches (many of which are high-impact practices) that can be taken by faculty and staff to successfully reduce stereotype threat, create community and thereby enhance the academic achievement of underrepresented students. For more on Bauer’s Diversity Award accolade, check out our news release.