Bartell talk: Philosophy of ‘couples’ is Café main course

UW-Green Bay Human Development Prof. Denise Bartell is the discussion leader when the monthly Philosophers Café convenes from 7 to 8:30 Thursday (Oct. 13). The topic is “Coupling: The Nature of Romantic Relationships in Human Life.” Bartell will steer participants through a discussion about why couple bonds exist, how they influence our lives, and why we choose who we choose for these relationships. This Café promises to delve into central questions about the nature of love, sex and couple relationships, drawing upon information from both the sciences and humanities, so come prepared for a lively discussion on the reasons behind successes and failures in pursuit of love. This week’s meeting takes place at The Harmony Café, 1660 W. Mason St. Questions? Philosophy Prof. Christopher Martin is our campus contact for the joint UWGB/SNC series.