Riveting real-life tale: UW-Green Bay Theatre to present ‘These Shining Lives’

UW-Green Bay Theatre will present the true tale of dream job-turned-nightmare scenario beginning Feb. 28, with the play These Shining Lives in the Weidner Center’s Jean Weidner Theatre. The show chronicles the lives of four so-called “radium girls” who worked painting clock and watch faces with radium-laced paint in the 1920s. Assured of the safety of the substance, the women relished the chance to earn good money, develop on-the-job camaraderie and exert their independence — until radium’s dangers were revealed. In this story, four women fight back against the company that sickened them, engaging in a high-profile court battle even as they fight for their lives. Our video preview has more on the show, which runs Feb. 28, March 1-2 and 6-9: click here.