Watershed monitoring program student featured in National Geographic ‘GeoStory’

A Lower Fox River Watershed Monitoring Program student is featured in a National Geographic ‘GeoStory’ about citizen science across the US. In it, Elizabeth Braatz of Appleton North High School talks about her watershed monitoring research work at Apple Creek. The GeoStory features a photo of Elizabeth presenting research findings at the Lower Fox River Watershed Symposium on the UW-Green Bay campus last year. Elizabeth’s story and thoughts are inspiring and she is a great ambassador for the program! Click here (when you enter the website: click on “start GeoStory” and then click on Braatz’s picture — she is wearing a purple t-shirt). For more information about the Lower Fox River Watershed Monitoring Program, contact Annette Pelegrin at pelegria@uwgb.edu or visit the program’s web site at www.uwgb.edu/watershed.