Look! A LOOC! Local Open Online Course makes debut today

Wednesday is a milestone day at UW-Green Bay with the official launch of the University’s first Local Open Online Course (LOOC), a course titled “Beginning App & 2D Game Development.” The course to be taught by Computer Science faculty members Ben Geisler and Peter Breznay had 175 particpants pre-registered as of yesterday, Provost Julia Wallace reports. Free and entirely online, the offering was advertised primarily to high school students with interest in math and science. Such a LOOC can be viewed as a community service somewhat similar to an Outreach offering; in this case it also generates interest in, and familiarity with, UW-Green Bay’s Information and Computing Science academic programs among potential, future undergrads. Individuals who earn a passing grade can be waived past UW-Green Bay’s Computer Science 201, a three-credit course that is the first in the University’s Computer Science curriculum. More detail about the project can be found in our earlier news release.