Wednesday’s cancellations: Any suggestions?

Responsibility for conveying notice of the cancellation of Wednesday evening’s classes fell primarily to staff in the University Communication Office once UW-Green Bay leadership reached its decision at about 2:45 after consulting with Public Safety and others about storm conditions. Notice of the cancellation was posted almost immediately to the University website and shared via the UWGB News Twitter feed (and re-tweeted by numerous campus-based accounts over the next few minutes). A LOG email to all students, faculty, staff and subscribers followed in short order, along with a text alert (yes, we know it was too long, we’ll do better next time) via the GB Alert subscription system. One channel not used this time: the on-screen network alert. Anyone with observations about how the procedure worked in this case – with a relatively generous time window before the first batch of affected classes at 5 p.m. – is invited to email suggestions to Chris Sampson in Communications at