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Crisis: On the Frontlines

Shawano Social Workers

Training program expands statewide

Crisis. A frantic phone call, or race to the emergency room.

Crisis. A feeling of deep sadness, not knowing how you’ll handle it all.

Crisis. An attempt to take one’s life.

Crisis can come in many different situations, affecting each person uniquely. In every crisis, there is a call for help. An expanding UW-Green Bay training program is helping those on the front lines in Wisconsin, ensures the call is answered. Every time.

This call for help is best answered by individuals with a passion for helping others and life-saving training that prepares them to handle any and all situations that arise. These exceptional people are often the difference between life and death.

Training is critical

Since 2009, crisis counselors have access to training through UW-Green Bay’s Behavioral Health Training Partnership (BHTP). The BHTP provides training, consultation and support services for Wisconsin’s county human services professionals and other community organizations (e.g., schools, foster parents, law enforcement). A Wisconsin Department of Health Services grant created the training partnership more than nine years ago to improve the quality and capacity of crisis services in the region. The team now trains crisis care professionals in 53 of 72 counties in the state.

“Prior to BHTP’s creation, counties were struggling with how to provide 40 hours of crisis orientation training to professionals who were making (potentially) life or death decisions,” said Jessica Delzer, MS, LPC, BHTP Director at UW-Green Bay. Crisis training is needed for emergency mental health certification and in turn, reimbursement for services, per the State of Wisconsin.

Critical classroom training focuses on three core areas: 1. Crisis services overview 2. Suicide and risk assessment 3. Wisconsin mental health laws These in-person training sessions are held once per month, and additional specialized training is offered both in person and online. “We show people how to do this really tough work, but one of the awesome things about the partnership is the relationships that form during this training,” says Delzer. “Providing an opportunity for a 25-year veteran of social work to share experiences with a recent graduate is invaluable.”

Working to prevent crisis

Jenna Hammer '15

Jenna Hammer ’15 CAPSW, SAS
Intervention Services Supervisor
Shawano County Department of Human Services

Jenna Hammer ’15 CAPSW, SAS, Intervention Services Supervisor for Shawano County Department of Human Services has seen crisis come in many ways, unique to every person in need. The training received through the BHTP has been vital in helping her and her team assess and help in all situations. “Teaching what crisis is, possible triggers and responses, and how an incident or situation can affect daily living,” states Hammer. “We use these skills every day — from motivational interviewing to the art of de-escalation, we’re the front line and true gatekeepers for people in crisis.” Not all cases end successfully; Hammer explains that clients have been lost over the years. Successful outcomes are celebrated.

Take Linda (name changed). Middle-aged, living alone and paranoid, Linda was calling law enforcement multiple times a day, insisting that she was in danger. While she did not pose a threat to herself and didn’t need “crisis” intervention per se, law enforcement and family members were frustrated with her taking up so much time and community resources. Linda couldn’t help herself. And those she was calling couldn’t help her either.

Eventually, she wound up in the emergency room and the county’s crisis workers were called in. They found that her struggle with mental health issues meant she wasn’t paying her bills, her home was quite dilapidated and she was in the process of being evicted. Her child had recently been removed from the home and she was clearly suffering from the “snowball effect” of everything happening at once.

Hammer and her staff offered resources — resources that law enforcement and others had previously offered — and this time, Linda agreed to get help. Behavioral health training helped crisis frontline workers to ask the right questions. They learned that Linda had previously suffered a traumatic brain injury, and because of their training, knew how to work with her to effectively support her. They listened to her as a person, and not just someone who was taking up too much time. Linda is now medically stable, attending regular meetings to work through her issues and is looking at getting her own home once again.

“We got a lot of ‘thanks’ from those who had been trying to work with Linda for so long,” says Hammer. The partnership that she and her staff have established with law enforcement and other community professionals continues to flourish, and Hammer is relieved that their training and support could help both Linda and others involved.

“We have to balance listening to the frustrations of our partners with the rights of our clients,” says Hammer. “When things aren’t going right, and we can then get a client to a point where she recognizes her needs and makes a change, it’s phenomenal.” UW-Green Bay’s Behavioral Health Training Partnership is truly answering our neighbors’ calls for help… in a professional and hopeful way. “Our crisis workers see people at their most vulnerable,” says Delzer. “It’s a lot of responsibility. We train staff to work with people in a sensitive and strength-based way, and prevent traumatizing them over and over again.” Providing hope to those in Wisconsin who need it most.

–Story by freelance writer Kristin Bouchard ’93

‘State of UW-Green Bay is strong’ say leaders at annual business meeting

2019 Annual Business Meeting

It was excellent news that UW-Green Bay leaders shared in the annual Business Meeting on the Green Bay campus (and streamed for branch campus personnel), Monday, Feb. 4. The University has shown enrollment growth for four consecutive years, with a tremendous jump in graduate program enrollment. Support from community partners and gifts from private donors demonstrate the priority that the local community is placing on its public university. Didn’t get a chance to attend? See the video or scroll through the presentation, below.

 Business Meeting Agenda

  • Welcome and State of the University
    Chancellor Gary L. Miller
  • New Programs and Enrollment Update
    Provost Greg Davis
  • University Budget and Financial Update
    Vice Chancellor for Business and Finance Sheryl Van Gruensven
  • Foundation Update
    Vice Chancellor for University Advancement Tony Werner
  • Question and Answer Session
    Chancellor Gary L. Miller

EMBI helps ‘Eco U’ Bridge Ecology and Economics

Kaity Lindner ’11

A decade ago, UW-Green Bay launched a collaborative effort to bridge a perceived gap between the business world, the natural environment, and the role public policy plays in sustaining both. The University now has more than 100 graduates in the field with certification that helps them connect business and their environment and lead in both areas.

The collaboration was formalized in 2008 and was named the Environmental Management and Business Institute (EMBI). Economics professor John Stoll ’73 (Regional Analysis) and Environmental Sciences professor Kevin Fermanich were named co-directors. Along with professor John Katers ’91 and ’93 (Business Administration, Environmental Science and Environmental Science and Policy), now dean of the College of Science, Engineering and Technology, recognized that each of these worlds had a significant influence on the sustainability of the other two, and that the symbiotic aspects of their relationships could be used for mutual benefit.

As an article in the April 2009 Inside Magazine put it, EMBI marked “a renewed declaration to (UW-Green Bay’s mission) that ‘eco’ means both ecology AND economics.” John Arendt ’88 and ’12 (Business Administration and Environmental Science and Policy), the program’s current director, said Stoll, Fermanich and Katers realized the environmental focus that was at the heart of UW-Green Bay’s founding could be amplified through this multidisciplinary program.

Kaity Lindner ’11

Kaity Lindner ’11

“It had been nearly 40 years since the first Earth Day had been celebrated,” said Arendt, “and we had learned a lot about how business and the environment depend on each other. EMBI was a natural extension of the University’s historical focus on the environment and public policy and integrated our on-campus expertise so we could connect to the community and make leaders and future leaders more aware of each other’s worlds.” That awareness effort is what drew Kaity (Gilles) Lindner ’11 (Environmental Policy and Planning and Public Administration) to the program soon after it started. Lindner, a former environmental engineer at Green Bay Packaging, now works at Treehouse Foods in that role, and she credits her experience with EMBI for getting her there.

“I came to Green Bay from my home in the Madison area for an orientation tour,” Lindner recalled. “I knew right away it was the right place for me, but, like most freshmen, I had no clear idea of what I wanted to study. I took an environmental science course and loved it. That led me to pursuing the Environmental Policy and Planning major and my introduction to EMBI’s Certificate in Sustainability.

“The EMBI experience opened my eyes to what was possible for me,” said Lindner. “As part of the Certificate in Sustainability, I was set up as an intern with UW-Green Bay’s Sustainability Committee, which in turn, provided experience in collecting sustainability metrics, participating in meetings and initiatives.” This led her to a sustainability communications internship and eventually a full-time job at Green Bay Packaging (GBP).

“The opportunities and people that were introduced to me because I was involved in EMBI led me to where I am today in my career.” Lindner continues to give back to the program and the community. She serves as chair of the selection committee for the Ethics in Business award program, which includes, among other criteria, social responsibility and ethical environmental behaviors.

EMBI has evolved over the decade, but its mission has remained largely unchanged: Advance UW-Green Bay’s historic mission of studying environmental issues and developing multidisciplinary solutions to problems, where those solutions recognize the critical interconnections between science, policy and business, and the social contexts within which they occur.

“I am proud of the role we play,” said Arendt. “The certificate program we started 10 years ago just graduated its 100th recipient and is going strong. The internship program we started in 2010 with Aurora BayCare Medical Center is still going, and we’ve expanded internship opportunities into other companies in Northeast Wisconsin, including the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources. We continue to give out the annual Earth Caretaker Award to UW-Green Bay graduates who have distinguished themselves in their field,” he said. “These are people who are widely recognized for accomplishments in sustainability, environmental management, environmental policy and related areas.”

“Employers find the certificate very valuable, so expanding the program into a minor seems like a natural progression and an added value to our students,” Arendt said. “We’d also like to dive into the emerging ‘smart cities’ concept. Our focus on sustainability and the use of technology ties nicely into the efficiencies in energy and transportation smart cities seek as a way to improve urban living.”

“We’d like to continue growing that aspect of the program, so where there’s an environmental policy or sustainability component to a grant, we’re invited to participate or even manage the grant. That builds awareness of the links between business, the environment and policy, and gives our students opportunities to learn.”

– Story by freelance writer Jim Streed ’05

UW-Green Bay Fall 2018 Semester Honors at Marinette, Manitowoc and Sheboygan

GREEN BAY — The University of Wisconsin-Green Bay has made public the names of students on the Marinettte, Manitowoc and Sheboygan campuses receiving semester honors for the fall 2018 semester. Students who earn a 4.0 grade point average, which represents all “A” grades, receive highest honors. High honors go to students earning 3.99 to 3.75 grade point averages. Honors are given to students earning 3.74 to 3.50 grade point averages. Students are listed by the city claimed as place of permanent residence. See also, UW-Green Bay main campus semester honors.

Marinette Campus

Highest Honors

Columbus, Wis. — Carmen Hidalgo
Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam — Khanh Dao
Marinette, Wis. — Alexis Denowski, Kendra Krouth
Peshtigo, Wis. — Kailyn Wiegman
Wallace, Mich. — Caitlin Christophersen

High Honors

Beijing, China — Yidan Weng
Coleman, Wis. — Cody Van Hoff, Autumn Washuleski
Crivitz, Wis. — Michael Retza
Guangdong, China — Haoyuan Luo
Hanoi, Vietnam — Minh Vo
Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam — Doan Bao Chau Thai
Marinette, Wis. — Christian Hornick, Taylor Loberger, Allison Wagner
Moscow, Russia — Vera Shurygina
Stephenson, Mich. — Sarah Williams


Chongqing, China — Miao Liu
Coleman, Wis. — Anna Dohl
Hanoi, Vietnam — Chau Pham
Lena, Wis. — Sierra Marquardt
Marinette, Wis. — Aj Corey, Jian Feng, Jason Hile, Zachary Maye, Jordan Miller, Connor Nelson
Peshtigo, Wis. — Brock Bero, Meghan Finger, Nicole Grom, Jonathan Hastings, Abigail Marquardt
Shantou, China — Wanqi Li
Shenzhen, China — Pengming Guo
Shijiazhuang, China —Qiancheng Wang
Wausaukee, Wis. — Abbie Lindbom

Manitowoc Campus

Highest Honors

Manitowoc, Wis. — Colleen Burke, Emma Forrest, Jennifer Franzen, Cory Henschel, Miranda LaCroix, Michael McGuire, Lauren Salutz, Danielle Visser
Rosendale, Wis. — Makenna Pucker
Two Rivers, Wis. — Brooke Behrendt, Bree Forkins, Tiana Johnson, Allison Rehrauer, Sara Soukup, Joshua Steckmesser, Sharon Yang

High Honors

Manitowoc, Wis. — Eric Brey, Tiffany Duzeski, Samual Evanoff, Nicholas Geiger, Aaron Hillmer, Darian Kaderabek, Hannah Meidl, Zackary Nickels, Ryan Rank, Kelsey Schindl, Evelyn Tapia-Campuzano, Stephanie Watkins
Reedsville, Wis. — Casey Fenlon
Valders, Wis. — Kami Christianson, Nova Olson


Green Bay, Wis. — Zachary Skubal
Manitowoc, Wis. — Daniel Chang, Jonathan Christensen, Shannon Floyd, Dylan Johnston, Alyssa Kliment, KaZoua Kue, Alexandra Mankovecky, Tyler Olson, Nicole Parrish, Benjamin Rozum, Marissa Sorge, Baleigh Stafford, Timmothy Steinmetz
Maribel, Wis. — Colton Swetlik
Mishicot, Wis. — Sierra Siders
Reedsville, Wis. — Luke Oltmanns
Saint Nazianz, Wis. — Jessica Archuleta
Two Rivers, Wis. — Max Fabian, Hunter Lewis, Raessa Miller, Madison Richards, Kasey Schultz, Mao Xiong
Whitelaw, Wis. — Jacob Gomm

Sheboygan Campus

Highest Honors

Belgium, Wis. — Samantha Weiland
Cascade, Wis. — Megan Sitzberger
Cedar Grove, Wis. — Morgan Becker
Glenbeulah, Wis. — Andrew Kehm
Newton, Wis. — Sandra Quinones, Nicole Temme
Plymouth, Wis. — Kristina Johanning
Sheboygan Falls, Wis. — Autumn Pitz, Andrew Willadsen
Sheboygan, Wis. — Madison Braun, Amanda Crossley, Kelsi Engelhardt, Kristopher Jochman, Jeffrey Konrad, Tanya Riemer, Matthew Ruiz, John TenPas, Hallie Theune

High Honors

Belgium, Wis. — Jessica Lybek
Cedar Grove, Wis. — Alexandria Deruyter, Amanda Strand
Kiel, Wis. — Amanda Hartlaub
Kohler, Wis. — Ashley Dedering, Catherine Sutherland
Milwaukee, Wis. — Christopher Flick
Oostburg, Wis. — Jayden Navis, Gregory Scholten
Plymouth, Wis. — Laura Arbuckle, Nicholas Garni, Dylan Hertel, Julia Zahn
Port Washington, Wis. — Emily Catena
Sheboygan Falls, Wis. — Joshua Becker, Arden DeRuyter, Emma Luedtke
Sheboygan, Wis. — Adam Heitzmann, Rebecca Hilbelink, Mackenzie Hinz, Breg Lee, Sabrina Maric, Erika Monson, Zachari Schroeder, Breanna Stelson, Owen Vihos-Hoover


Belgium, Wis. — Charlie Bruss, Elizabeth Duschene, Hailey Lanser
Cedar Grove, Wis. — Haley Felsinger, Jamie Prinsen, Ashton Wegner
Cleveland, Wis. — Johnathan Grunwald
Kiel, Wis. — Lydia Luebke, Andrew Winkel
Newton, Wis. — Micah Hesketh
Oostburg, Wis. — Jacob Eernisse, Paige Gabrielse, Peter Gross, Haley Marman, Mitchell Ver Velde
Plymouth, Wis. — Jared Hubbard, Hope Landgraf, Morgan Walcott
Port Washington, Wis. — Ian Tyree
Random Lake, Wis. — Jared Larson, Jacob Schmidt
Sheboygan Falls, Wis. — Zachary Royston, Tracey Weyer
Sheboygan, Wis. — Zana Ameti, Jossiel Delgado, Katherine Drews, Noah Graff, Bailey Harrington, Levi Kohlmann, Jon Martin, Mitchell Nussberger, Sidnee Perry, Nathan Post, Jaclyn Stielow, Luis Torres, Elizabeth Valdez, Julia Vojtech, Blia Vue, Ryan Wilke, Tiffany Xiong
Waldo, Wis. — Megan Rammer

Black History Month


UW-Green Bay will launch Black History Month with a Celebration Kick-off Event, Monday, Feb. 4 from 4 to 5:30 p.m. Expect an interactive performance by nationally known spoken word artist, writer, educator, organizer and motivational speaker Kwabena Antoine Nixon.

Saturday, February 2
Soul Food Celebration: Celebration of the Black Womyn
Noon – 3 p.m. | Phoenix Room

Monday, February 4
Black History Month: Kick-Off Event
4 – 5:30 p.m. | 1965 Room

Thursday, February 7
Study Abroad Fair: HBCU Opportunities
10 a.m. – 2p.m. | 4 – 6 p.m. | Phoenix Room

Sunday, February 10
4th Annual Diversity Discovery Free Day
Noon – 5 p.m. | Building for Kids Children’s Museum (Appleton, WI)

Sunday, February 10
Explore GB: 19 to 19: 100 Years of Packers
10 a.m. – 4 p.m. | Depart from UTIC
$10 – UWGB Students and $20 – non-UWGB Students.
Sign up at the UTIC.

Friday, February 15
Inclusivity & Equity:
Certificate Program (Foundations 1)
10Am-Noon | World Unity B
Certificate Program (Foundations 2)
1 – 3 p.m. | World Unity B
RSVP with Stacie Christian, Ph.D. at

Friday, February 22
WI Pre-Law Diversity Day
7 a.m. – 5 p.m. | Depart from UTIC

Tuesday, February 26
Milwaukee 53206 Film
4 – 7 p.m. | Christie Theater

Wednesday, February 27
BlacKkKlansman Film Screening & Discussion
4 p.m. – Film | 6:30-7:30 p.m. Discussion | Christie Theatre

See poster for details.

The Power of Partnership


Partnerships energize the campus and the community

Two significant developments on campus and near downtown Green Bay illustrate the importance and power of partnerships in the life of UW-Green Bay.

The first is right here on campus, as the Brown County STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) Innovation Center, which broke ground Sept. 17, 2018, is quickly taking shape and becoming part of the campus skyline.

Excitement is building for TitletownTech in the shadow of Lambeau Field.

Excitement is building for TitletownTech in the shadow of Lambeau Field.

The second is front-and-center in the shadow of Lambeau Field, as the finishing touches are being put on the 46,000-square-foot, modern, steel-and-glass silhouette of TitletownTech.

“What’s another building or two?” you might ask. Universities and downtowns regularly construct new buildings. It’s the way they keep their infrastructure in step with the needs of their respective communities.

These buildings do all that — and then some.

The Brown County STEM Innovation Center will provide about 63,730 square feet of space to house the new Richard J. Resch School of Engineering, the popular and creative Einstein Project, the community-focused UW-Extension, and Brown County’s Land and Water Conservation departments. The facility is expected to open sometime in August 2019.

Of great significance, the building, its occupants and its shared workspace demonstrate the power of partnership. The partners are able to do more than any of them could do alone and the effect of their collaboration ripples from the campus, across the community and into the region. The $15-million construction budget is shared among three central partners: the State of Wisconsin capital budget, Brown County funds and private donations from citizens and organizations intent on sustaining a thriving, public University and the social, cultural and economic gains that come with it.

UW-Green Bay Chancellor Gary L. Miller commented on the gap the Center closes by hosting the Resch School of Engineering. He said that the community has been asking for engineering and STEM programs for decades.

“This is the first school of engineering established and based in Northeast Wisconsin,” said Miller, “and it will transform the economy for generations.” County Executive Troy Streckenbach, in his remarks at the groundbreaking, said this shared investment is expected to “help secure our region’s manufacturing future by helping create economic development for years to come and ensuring all our students have opportunities to be tomorrow’s innovators.”

Across town is a partnership that can move the needle at supersonic speeds

The excitement is building for TitletownTech — and its unique partnership that can be a model for the future. The collaboration between UW-Green Bay, the University of Wisconsin System, the Green Bay Packers and Microsoft Corporation — is poised to serve as a hub for business innovation and economic development in the region, the state and the Midwest. It holds promise to keep local young talent in a region that is thriving for more reasons than its storied NFL franchise.

A description on the Green Bay Packers website shows this state-of-the-art building will feature the TitletownTech Venture Studio, TitletownTech Innovation Lab and TitletownTech Fund. The center is designed to connect start-up businesses with investors and promote business development and growth, particularly in the technology sectors.

A UW-Green Bay and the UW System “Entrepreneur-in-Residence” (EIR) will work as part of the TitletownTech leadership team.

The EIR role has three main foci: 1. Work with UW-Green Bay’s Cofrin School of Business to educate and provide guidance in business and operational areas. 2. Work with the UW System’s Economic Development Office to generate collaborations with all UW System institutions. 3. Establish connections to the business community and be their single point of contact.

Deepening the connection between the organizations, UW-Green Bay alumnus Craig Dickman ’82 (Business Administration), who brings his reputation for innovation, was named TitletownTech’s managing director in September. Dickman is the founder and former CEO of Green Bay-based energy logistics company, BreakthroughTM. In an interview with the Green Bay Press-Gazette, Dickman reflected on the nature of the facility and its vision.

“We’re really trying to create something that’s world-class,” said Dickman, “so we can transform this region’s economy, transform the businesses that are here and bring innovation capabilities focused on building scalable new ventures in our area.” The support of Microsoft is key to those innovation capabilities. Not only will it provide two full-time staff (one of whom will be a technologist-in-residence), it will bring its global digital resources to support TitletownTech’s mission and vision. Those resources include people and technology. By connecting those resources with new and existing businesses, teams working at TitletownTech will help them incorporate digital capabilities into their operations.

Ed Policy, Packers chief operations officer and general counsel oversees Titletown development. He sees TitletownTech as a natural extension of the Packers’ vision for the area.

“We intended to develop Titletown as a magnet to draw world-class employees,” states Policy on the Packers website. “The Microsoft involvement clearly takes this to another level. The remainder of the century will belong to communities that can draw talented young people.” And developing talented young people is what UW-Green Bay is all about. Through the power of partnerships like these, the University aims to attract and enroll Brown County students, continuing the five-year enrollment growth trend it touted in November.

As Chancellor Miller noted at the STEM Innovation Center groundbreaking, “It’s a great time to be here at UW-Green Bay.”

Impactful UW-Green Bay Partnerships

  • The Education program, with Bay Beach Wildlife Sanctuary and Green Bay Area Public Schools, partner in a nature-based four-year-old kindergarten program.
  • Social Work and Wisconsin Department of Children and Families provide tuition stipends and specialized training to more than a dozen social work students annually, preparing them for future careers in public child welfare
  • Psychology partnered with multiple high school psychology teachers from across the state to organize a day-long teaching of psychology conference for more than 50 attendees.
  • Cofrin School of Business students were provided a valuable networking experience by Kohler Co. executives from around the world when invited to dine and network during a fall executive training event at Lambeau Field.
  • Accounting students attended the Institute of Management Accountants Conference in St. Louis, MO, with support from local firm, Wipfli.
  • Biology faculty and students teamed-up with the Medical College of Wisconsin-Green Bay to sponsor the inaugural “Tiny Earth” event at Lambeau Field aimed at using undergraduate research to discover new antibiotics.
  • The Environmental Management Business Institute (EMBI) and Aurora BayCare partnership provides real world energy and waste-reduction training for students. Students are both engaged in improving the environmental and energy footprint for the hospital, and are given leadership experience as an active member of Aurora’s Facilities Energy Team.

– Story by freelance writer Jim Streed ’05

UW-Green Bay announces fall 2018 semester honors

GREEN BAY — The University of Wisconsin-Green Bay has made public the names of students receiving semester honors for the fall 2018 semester. Students who earn a 4.0 grade point average, which represents all “A” grades, receive highest honors. High honors go to students earning 3.99 to 3.75 grade point averages. Honors are given to students earning 3.74 to 3.50 grade point averages. Students are listed by the county claimed as place of permanent residence. All were full-time students in the fall term, earning 12 or more credits of graded coursework. See also, UW-Green Bay branch campus semester honors.

Highest Honors


Ashland — Kyla Yeadon, Ashland.
Barron — Ashley Stafne, Clayton; and Cheyenne Eastham, New Auburn.
Brown — AdrieneNuelle Agcaoili, Bellevue; Krista Abrahamson, Kelsey Ajango, Brittany Beyer, Fedor Bulat, Tyler Caron, Rachel Coady, Alyssa Dufrane, Kyle Engelmann, Natalie Gardner, Michelle Hannemann, Katelyn Heiser, Kelly Kent, Yuntlekalau McLester, Jared Phillips, Matthew Reed, Karly Skaletski, Mason Sprangers, Allison Susnik, Sydney Walker, Laura Weber, and Zachary Wichlacz, De Pere; Rachel Rabas, Denmark; Nade Abdi, Paige Anderson, Kelsey Bundy, Hannah Conard, Juan Cortes-Ramirez, Jillian Diebold, Griffin Dinse, Miranda Dreckschmidt, Abigail Erb, Sthephany Escandell, Austyn Everingham, Tiernan Finco, Craig Frea, Jared Gagner, Renae Geimer, Emily Gerlikovski, Cassee Gildernick, Aaron Gitter, Ryan Goretski, Jasmine Gromoske, Kathryn Gustafson, Sierra Haines, Kelsey Hanke, Krynn Hanold, Kiara Heider, Janel Huddleston, Benedict Janowski, Isaias Jauregui II, Charity Joy, Brigitta Kaiser, Austin Kallies, Kenna Kanneberg, Alexandra Kershner, Naomi Khang Jr, Halle Kirchner, Josephine Klarkowski, Eliot Klutz, Shannon Kneubuehl, Matthew Knoke, Billie Komorowski, Emily Kuester, Mackenzi LaMarre, Kerstyn Lanius, Majriela Macedo, Hannah Majewski, Hannah Malmberg, Heather Matchefts, Kelly McDonough, Jon McNulty, Lolar Moua, Elizabeth Nadie, Adrian Nelson, Michael Page, Mone’t Parrett, Stephanie Peterson, Levi Pfantz, James Pockrandt, Joseph Prestley, Kristel Princl, Hannah Raasch, Kristin Rauch, Gabrielle Rewa, Nichole Robinette, Erik Rosik, Nicholas Rouse, Calvin Salmon, Rachel Scray, Kendra Sieracki, Rachael Smith, Julia Stanzel, Rosalyn Stoa, Nicole Tassoul, Xavier Terrien, Ntxhee Thao, Mariana Trujillo, Samantha Verhagen, Alexander Wallner, Katlynne Walter, Claire Westlund, Emily Wicker, Amanda Wiesman, Samantha Williams, A Yang, and Carlos Zuniga, Green Bay; Emily Rotzenberg and Jesus Zamudio, Greenleaf; Lily Howe, Hobart; Blake Nowak and Charles Warren, New Franken; Shelby Murray and Elizabeth Schmit, Pulaski; Charity Abts, Tyler Andrews, Kaitlyn Bacon, Brittany Blohowiak, Jessica Gentz, Mackenzie Jonet, Evan Lund, Christyna Nowakowski, Jordan Posvic, and Garrett Wickman, Suamico; and Tiffany Theunis, Wrightstown.
Buffalo — Linnea Zintman, Buffalo City.
Calumet — Rebecca Lehner, Appleton; Kelly Schmitz, Chilton; Abbigail Borseth, Forest Junction; Elizabeth Thiel, Hilbert; and Jacob Thiel, New Holstein.
Clark — Emily Brekke, Neillsville; and Paola Cortese, Thorp.
Columbia — Caitlyn Hibner, Portage; and Kameron Jennings, Poynette.
Dane — Abigail Waydick, De Forest; Benjamin Gilles and Bailey Schmid, Madison; Noah Krumenauer, Stoughton; Sara Bichler and Kate Vanderhoef, Waunakee.
Dodge — Morgan Leistekow, Beaver Dam; Sydney Miller, Hartford; Jazmine Drebenstedt, Juneau; and Brandon Margelowsky, Waupun.
Door — Brady Lenius, Rachel Malcore, and Rebecca Malcore, Brussels; Anita Benzshawel and Amber McNulty, Forestville; Matthew Hecht, Sister Bay; Ashley Bongle, Jacqueline Bricco, Natalie Marchant, and Sydney Tlachac, Sturgeon Bay.
Dunn — Britney Bechel, Elk Mound; and Carissa Henderson, Menomonie.
Eau Claire — Mae Sommerfeld, Eau Claire.
Florence — Tessa Merhalski and Heather Roberts, Florence; and Alyssa Plemel, Niagara.
Fond Du Lac — Elizabeth Feucht, Misty Gedlinske, Paige Richardson, Brady Sarauer, and Ava Tryon, Fond du Lac; Erin Diederich, Malone; Sabrina Sodermark, North Fond du Lac; Kayla Russ, Oakfield; Lorelei Zimmerman, Rosendale; Shelby Koll, Garrit Levey, and Dylon Pokorny, Waupun.
Forest — Hunter St.Peter, Wabeno.
Grant — Brody Wiest, Dickeyville; and Catherine Fonder, Hazel Green.
Green — Jaimee Gilbert, Monroe.
Jefferson — Lydia Downey, Lake Mills; and Claire Stuart, Sullivan.
Kenosha — Adelle Capp and Justin Ferkin, Kenosha; Haley Falcon, Pleasant Prairie; and Delaney Trezise, Twin Lakes.
Kewaunee — Shannon Nessinger, Algoma; Mackenzie Ronsman, Casco; Heather Gozdzialski, Miriam Laird, and Brynne Wolfe, Kewaunee; Skyla Aissen, Dennis Christoff Jr, Emily Fawbush, Samantha Giltner, Taylor Gulbrand, Sara Simonar, Danae Srnka, and Aaron Thiry, Luxemburg.
La Crosse — Hannah Powell, Holmen; McKayla Haldorson and Bennett Hutson, Onalaska; and Abigail Tower, West Salem.
Langlade — David Ison, Antigo.
Lincoln — Anna Gane, Tomahawk.
Manitowoc — Benjamin Thom, Cato; Ashley Sand, Francis Creek; Micayla Fritsch and David Propson, Kiel; Moriah Hansen, Breanna Posvic-Valenta, Ted Rahmlow, Jason Ruckel, Susan Shopodock, and Ka Xiong, Manitowoc; Mackayla Gazza, Corey Haack, and Ashley LeCaptain, Mishicot; Samantha Downey and Tessa Evenson, Reedsville; Bailey Boettcher, Elena Garcia, Madeleine Gleichner, Nicholas Livingston, Amanda Raffaelli, Mackenzie Salta, Taylor Schreiber, and Aaron VandenBush, Two Rivers; and Erin Menza, Valders.
Marathon — Lauren Putnam, Marathon; Morgan Thums, Schofield; Collin Kuehn, Trent Lietzow, Sara Radtke, and Savannah Schemenauer, Wausau.
Marinette — Blake VanVooren, Coleman; Kody Klumb, Kyle Klumb, and Megan Nighbor, Marinette; Joni Polzin, Peshtigo; Claire Carviou and McKenzie Schmidt, Porterfield.
Marquette — Samuel Soda, Princeton.
Milwaukee — Cassandra Fricke and Maria Romfoe, Cudahy; Patrina Pichon and Caroline Rowe, Milwaukee; Anthony Fenner, Oak Creek; Krystle Henry, West Allis; and Patrick Sicula, Whitefish Bay.
Oconto — Kyle Stoll, Abrams; Berkley Dolata, Lena; Donna Schneider, Oconto; Tad Taggart, Oconto Falls; Samantha Alger-Feser and Bailee Kraning, Sobieski; Mikaela Reed and Joshua Vollmar, Suring.
Outagamie — Cassandra Bennett, Joshua Campbell, Taylor Ciske, Paige Eisen, Kelley Encinas, Madeline Fischer, Emanuel Hernandez, Madeline Jensen, Allison Loderbauer, Julie Payne, Samantha Sartori, and Gabriella Shapiro, Appleton; Jacie Haas and Anna Ruedinger, Black Creek; Grace Neese, Combined Locks; Ashley Bucholtz, Dale; Peter Baumgartner and Rachel Koepke, Freedom; Paul St.Aubin and Jada Taylor, Greenville; McKenzie Rasmussen, Hortonville; Emily Gossens and Emily Rogers, Kaukauna; Melissa Corrigan, Saraphena Jochman, and Brianna Messner, Seymour.
Ozaukee — Angela Grimm, Fredonia; Jenna Grandinetti, Grafton; and Isabelle Maleki, Mequon.
Pierce — Allison Glampe, Elmwood; and Cheyanne Catura, Plum City.
Portage — Emily Deyo, Amherst; Rachel Gordon, Nelsonville; and Kendra Lepper, Stevens Point.
Price — Acacia Angelo and Jasmyn Kleinhans, Phillips.
Racine — Erin Penzel, Burlington; Olivia Poelmann, Franksville; and Haille Bocek, Racine.
Richland — Chay Schmitt, Richland Center.
Rock — Kailey LeCaptain, Milton.
Saint Croix — Courtney Klatt, Hudson.
Sauk — Katherine Bruni, Baraboo; and Angelika Tylka, Wisconsin Dells.
Shawano — Patrick Brodhagen, Bonduel; Brooke Breitrick and Zachary Olson, Bowler; Rebecca McCann, Gresham; Moses Makowiak, Pulaski; and Madeline Stuewer, Shawano.
Sheboygan — Emily Ellenbecker and Megan Ellenbecker, Cascade; Isabella Daniels, Cedar Grove; Jade Henschel, Elkhart Lake; Tyler Dvorachek and Dana Wunsch, Howards Grove; Joshua Konecke and Madison Wolf, Kohler; Jordan Molter and Rachel Rice, Oostburg; Hannah Mauk, Plymouth; Amanda Chavez, Jacqueline Grabowski, Kassidy Murphy, Caleb Torres, and Alicia Yang, Sheboygan.
Trempealeau — Logan McNamer, Ettrick.
Vernon — Ariana Rutherford, Readstown; and Garriet Kanis, Viroqua.
Vilas — Alena Boushon, Saint Germain.
Walworth — Kayla Probst, Pell Lake.
Washington — Emily Miller and Emily Wolf, Allenton; Chase Hanson, Hartford; Madison Byrnes, Hubertus; Susan Schober, Jackson; Zackary Luedtke, Kewaskum; Breanna Gonring, Slinger; Nathan Craighead, Bailee Ramon, Zachary Schneider, and Erinn Stockhausen, West Bend.
Waukesha — Madeline Yoss, Brookfield; Jordyn Gaurkee, Delafield; Mary Dohogne, Hartland; Samantha Kosanke, Oconomowoc; Lori Noto, Sussex; Jonathan Arvedson, Rita Ebbott, Paige Johnson, and Lindsay Longmeyer, Waukesha.
Waupaca — Madelyn Didier, Kaitlynn Kupsky, and Sarah Rothlisberg, Clintonville; Scott Owen, Embarrass; Tessa Lybert, Fremont; Austin Dean and Daniel Teuscher, Manawa; Allysin Carlovsky and Suzanne Stuebs, Waupaca.
Winnebago — Alyssa Barnes and Tatiana Monterrosa, Neenah; Jesse Chrudimsky, Lillian Foxcroft, Brinley Gordon, Mara Pfeilstifter, Jessica Roberts, Danielle Shea, and Heather Taylor, Oshkosh.
Wood — Adam Fredrick, Marshfield; and Adam Jensen, Wisconsin Rapids.

Other States

Alabama — Neda Mobasher, Madison.
Illinois — Ananya Joshi, Elk Grove Village; and Laura Fehling, Mount Prospect; Eric Guarraci, Lake Villa; and Megan Richter, Wadsworth; Amy Selover, Rockton; and Jillian Eilers, Winnebago.
Kansas — Logan Johnsen, Louisburg.
Michigan — Marissa Leisner, Gladstone; Emma Engle, Kalamazoo.
Minnesota — Madeline McKeefry, Andover; and Quinn Duffy, Wyoming; Jessica Wolf and Taylor Wolf, Waconia; Lauryn Delzer, Shafer; Eli Broman, Eagan; Sadie Peterson, Brook Park; Emma Sloot, Saint Paul; Shad Kraftson, Bayport; and Torrey Lucido, Stillwater.
Missouri — Bailey Strutz, Macks Creek.
North Carolina — Hannah Jobrack, Warrenton.
South Dakota — Rylee Boyd, Sioux Falls.
Washington — Truc Nguyen, Roy.


Azerbaijan Mirza Mustafayev, Baku.
Canada — Ivan Radomirovic, Burlington; Alexandra Zakutney, Ottawa.
Germany — Nathalie Mueller, Kassel.
Japan — Masayuki Takazawa, Tokyo.

High Honors


Adams — Hannah Glavin, Friendship; and Stacey Feldner, Grand Marsh.
Ashland — Kayla Plucinski, Ashland.
Bayfield — James LaPointe, Bayfield; and Kira Doman, Washburn.
Brown — Anne Woodworth, Ashwaubenon; Renee Buss, Francis Cochrane, Cody Drake, Alexandria Durn, Anthony Ehnerd, Jordan Finlay, Kaleb Halbmaier, Jace Hannemann, Rachael Hansen, Mackenzie Johnson, Alexandria Keiler-Klein, Nathan Knutson, Ashlee Koenig, Rachel Kyles, Samiirah Nur, Cory Petri, Brianna Pritzl, Jordan Sommer, Emily Song, Samantha Thoresen, Alec VanDrisse, Alexander Warner, and Andrew Willems, De Pere; Sarah Kane and Robyn Krueger, Denmark; TerenceAndrea Agcaoili, Anthoni Ahnen, Alexander Alberts, Cristian Ambrosio, Haley Arndt, Alejandro Ayala, April Baeb, Cameron Baumann, Merissa Bloedorn, Benjamin Bouche, Rachel Bowker, Talia Boyea, Elizabeth Brinks, Amity Brosig, Madison Brusletten, Josephine Bruss, Kyrsten Charles, Ross Cox, Samantha Crane, Divyansh Dave, Carley DeGrand, Renee DeGrand, Jacob DeLaurelle, Casey Deda, Kelly Degroot, Marina Delbecchi, Nathan Deterville, Anna Dier, Dustin Dupart, Hayley Eastman, Erika Ebel, Haley Ebinal, Breauna Engstrom, Michael Erb, Luceth Escandell, Jacob Fierst, Eddiberto Flores, Elizabeth Gerondale, Valeria GonzalezSarmiento, Laura Gottfried, Hailey Guderyon, Azure Hall, Alexander Haney, Jessica Hannon, Sam Hencheck, Douglas Higgins, Elizabeth Howard, Michael Huang, Mario Huarota, Hannah Huempfner, Hannah Jandrin, Jade Jansen, Abigail Kinner, Kaitlin Klein, Jenna Kust, Alissa Larscheid, Emily LeGrave, Panou Lee, Hezly Lerma, Brandon Lohrentz, Brittany Maas, Kiersten McCaigue, Alaina McFarlin, Lese McWey, Eric Mijal, Jaime Minan-Yi, Brandon Moroni, Michael Moss, Caitlynn Murray, Hope Neuens, Maxwel Nooyen, Ashley Norem, Isabella Nothstine, Logan O’Leary, Katrina Pratt, Laura Rath, Richard Rehberg, Brooke Rotter, Savanah Saskowski, Audrey Schneider, Taylor Schneider, Megan Schoenauer, Cody Scholten, Bailey Schultz, Dane Schumacher, Julie Schwister, Taylor Seidel, Blake Seppel, Holly Shimanek, Thomas Sielaff, Matthew Skoviak, Jacob Snitgen, Halee Stewart, Katrina Strnad, Mikaela Sullivan, Sarah Sutherland, DeAndre Theisen, Brett Tilot, Sunshine Tourtillott, Gabriela VanBeek, Carmen VanLanen, Emily VanRossum, Jalyssa Vanboxel, Rikki Ward, Katelynn Warpinski, Devin Willems, Nicholas Wrasse, Jeremiah Xiong, and Mai Xiong, Green Bay; McKenzie Diny and Carly Reynders, Greenleaf; Jenna Carpenter, Hobart; Marissa Fisher, Janet Peaches, Kendra Schmeling, and Quinn Thompson Jr, Howard; Meg Lehman, Kaukauna; Emma Nowak, Autumn Ruleau, and Mariah Weibel, New Franken; David Gordon, Sara Heiman, Brett Mariani, Lydia Pionek, and Brianna Ryczek, Pulaski; Elizabeth Blindauer, Sean Bohl, Breanna Conrad, Danielle Frazer, Kristine Grzybowski, Emily Joppe, McKenna Moreland, Ashley Schilawski, Rachele Sevcik, and Christian Wence, Suamico.
Buffalo — Emily Bork, Cochrane.
Calumet — Jalen Buchberger and Rebecca Kimball, Appleton; Cassidy Behnke and Jonathan Wittmann, Brillion; Ashley Meier and Caitlynne Siech, Chilton; Carly Schaffer, Hilbert; Meghan Schmitz, New Holstein; Hunter Gerrits and Carlie Laberge, Sherwood.
Clark — Adam Budzinski, Abbotsford; and Raquel Lopez, Dorchester.
Columbia — Lauren Blumenthal, Columbus; Aaron Hepp, Cecelia Limmex, Elizabeth Nachreiner, Melissa Trago, and Haley Willan, Portage; and Brett Siedschlag, Poynette.
Crawford — Jacob Lenzendorf, Prairie du Chien.
Dane — Beth Siltala, Blue Mounds; Julee Bieszk, Cambridge; Kaeci Buettner, Dane; Caitlin Curtis, Danielle McCoy, and Lindsey Miller, Madison; Rebecca Kuhl, Marshall; Victoria Kalscheur, Mount Horeb; Sydney King, Oregon; Alyssa Wicks, Stoughton; and Kenzie Ostien, Sun Prairie.
Dodge — Brennan Engel, Madison Jansen, and Ashley Kulka, Beaver Dam; Jackie Anthes, Columbus; Emily Madeiros, Fox Lake; Ashley McLain, Juneau; Paul Gruenwald, Reeseville; Elizabeth Asmus and Mariah Vielbaum, Waupun.
Door — Ashley Delfosse and Carina Renard, Brussels; Raymart Sindac, Egg Harbor; Mackinzie Maynard, Fish Creek; Jennifer Vandertie, Forestville; Jennifer Angeli, Jemma Benton, Forrest Rabach, and Madeline Weatherwax, Sturgeon Bay.
Dunn — Erica Kinnard, Menomonie; and Lyndsey Mickelson, Ridgeland.
Fond Du Lac — Samuel Holzmann and Marissa Osgood, Campbellsport; Taylor Hanks, Joseph Karrmann, Shane Kavage, Mikayla Koopikka, and Jena Krueger, Fond du Lac.
Forest — Dalton Bellamy, Laona.
Grant — Katelyn Wiegel, Boscobel; and Samantha Vondrum, Lancaster.
Green — Kady Jordan, Monroe.
Green Lake — Carly Augustynowicz, Markesan.
Iowa — Alexis Bauer and Morgan Storkson, Dodgeville.
Jefferson — Benjamin Dresdow, Fort Atkinson; Lauren Felder, Lake Mills; and Morgan Hesse, Watertown.
Juneau — Ryan Fisher, Camp Douglas.
Kenosha — Madison Zapata, Kenosha.
Kewaunee — Kaitlyn Stoller and Breanna Vandermause, Algoma; Jessica Pinchart and Brittany Schmelzer, Casco; Erin Duescher, Benjamin Kopetsky, and Tiffany Salentine, Kewaunee; Grace Balza, Eric Everson, Miranda Ledvina, Hunter VandeWater, and Heather Ziemer, Luxemburg.
La Crosse — Kyle Hansen, La Crosse; Halle Burkhalter and Emily Zilliox, Onalaska; and Kathryn Ebert, West Salem.
Lafayette — Derek Flannery, Argyle; and Michelle Greenfield, Shullsburg.
Langlade — Wendy Ison, Antigo; and Jessica Kessler, Bryant.
Lincoln — James Block, Merrill.
Manitowoc — Taylor Ullman, Denmark; Morgan Schwaller, Elkhart Lake; Lydia Blatz, Catrina Chapple, Kyle Loose, and Jan-Marie Matthysse, Kiel; Allison Hallfrisch, Lauren Hoeppner, Andrew Kim, Tyler Klackner, Makayla Nelson, Nathan Pabian, Nicole Palama, Ty Pelot, Alexander Stubbe, and Sydney Vandenbusch, Manitowoc; Kelly Aldrich, Maribel; Paige Owen, Emily Shedal, and Elijah Stonebraker, Mishicot; Emily Fritsch, New Holstein; Allison Degner, Reedsville; Wynnafred Bonde, Ethan Christiansen, Brianna DeVries, Miranda Guehlstorf, Gabriella Heinen, Jonathan Nuncio-MacDonald, Amber Siebold, Rachel Sosnosky, and Megan Wanserski, Two Rivers; Allison Abts, Samuel Dvorak, and Haley Kautzer, Whitelaw.
Marathon — Tyler Kunze and Autumn Schreiner, Abbotsford; Sierra Schug, Athens; Leah Tauferner, Kronenwetter; Anna Cole, Rosholt; Sallie Daigle, Schofield; Johanna Paulson, Wausau; and Dorene Sanchez, Weston.
Marinette — Cole Stillings, Coleman; Vladyslav Bilyy, Chase Hyland, Raina Mertz, and Allison Wuensch, Crivitz; Todd Cheney, Mackenzie May, Cali Nygren, Eric Powers Jr, and Christopher Walker, Marinette; AndreAnna Reed, Niagara; Wade Crevier, Jennifer Hess, Bryce Reed, and Jaden Russell, Peshtigo; Kaylor DeLaet and Dalton Menger, Wausaukee.
Marquette — Connor Heinz, Neshkoro.
Menominee — Georgie Potts, Keshena.
Milwaukee — Carly Herda, Bayside; Stephanie Nielson, Franklin; Joelle Kingston, Greendale; Eric Hauenstein, Greenfield; Jada Davis, Mindy Hansen, Rachel Kaschak, Eva Mora, Rachel Osell, Diana Romero-Rodriguez, Josephine Sielen, and Sophia Sielen, Milwaukee; Briana Deschaine, Chance Kangas, and Emily Walczak, Oak Creek; Caitlin Nelson, Amanda Radke, and Courtney Sullivan, Wauwatosa; and Micalah Taylor, West Allis.
Oconto — Chelsea Servin and Michael VerVelde, Abrams; Katelyn Krueger, Coleman; Beth Lyness, Gillett; Tara Sellen, Lena; Landon Garsow, Little Suamico; Tessah Dolata, David Konitzer, and Sadie Ventimiglia, Oconto; Stephanie Moore, Pulaski; Alyssa Baumann, Michaela Enneper, Carly Flunker, Kortney Krueger, and Hunter Wilinski, Sobieski; Grant Fischer, Preston Fischer, and James Stankevitz, Suring; and Natasha Clark, Townsend.
Oneida — Nicholas Garcia, Hazelhurst; Alison Bognar, Minocqua; Jacob Piasecki and Lauren Rosendahl, Rhinelander.
Outagamie — Teagan Bothun, Kathreen Ford, Yesenia Hernandez, Carly Herr, Dylan Janssen, Cory Johnson, Broderick Kenner, Daniel Naef, Selena Sanchez, Madalyn Schneider, Shelby Snell, Paige VanHandel, Kirsten White, and ShengYeng Xiong, Appleton; Carissa Salter, Black Creek; Kimberly Boots and Brianna Lancour, Combined Locks; Kelly House, De Pere; Brooke DeGoey, Freedom; Tyler Wolf, Grand Chute; Vanessa Buman, Jacob Hameister, and Emily Lautenschlager, Greenville; Bennett Lippert and Kristen Shaver, Hortonville; Emily Burger, Ciara Krowas, Karina Mendez, Ashley Rabe, Kylie Rieder, Claire Schuh, and Reed VanEpern, Kaukauna; Brittany Demro and Lauryn Wilcox, Kimberly; Marcus Falat and Elizabeth Vandenberg, Little Chute; Dallas Wood, Oneida; and Raven Mory-Pagel, Seymour.
Ozaukee — Lauren Miller and Grace Tahtinen, Cedarburg; Dakota Griffin, Fredonia; Keenan Leonard and Andrew Wildt, Grafton; and Halee Behrens, Waubeka.
Portage — Josie Thompson, Iola; Anna Formella, Plover; and Nathaniel Disher, Stevens Point.
Price — Ashley Casey, Park Falls.
Racine — Sarah Andresen, Franksville; Kara Baugrud, Riley Brunner, Lauren Caya, Jared Stack, and Lindsay Wakefield, Racine; Cameron Prailes, Waterford; and Hailey Hughes, Wind Lake.
Rock — Lauren Paul, Evansville; MacKenzie Forrest, Cynthia Meier, and Angelica Nix, Janesville.
Saint Croix — Kennedy Bilse, Hudson; and Cade Colbeth, Somerset.
Sauk — Rebecca Schwerman, Reedsburg.
Shawano — Baylee Backes, Birnamwood; Tia Hoppe, Samantha Inman, and Ashlyn Schnell, Bonduel; Kristina Koenig, Kanum Vele, and Nicole Waters, Bowler; River Otradovec, Gresham; Christopher Bukowiec, Moriah Griesbach, and Aaron Splan, Pulaski; Alicia Hanson, Addison Lewis, and Kaleigh Zoll, Shawano.
Sheboygan — Nicole Jerabek, Cedar Grove; Alyssa Kirsch, Howards Grove; Elizabeth Heinen and Rachel Nett, Oostburg; Alexis Pautz, Plymouth; Rachel Allen and Marlena Ruege, Random Lake; Anna Horn, Saint Cloud; Sarah Belitz, Allyson Haefke, Emily Pockat, Lilith Riemer, Gabrielle Scheuren, and Kalia Xiong, Sheboygan; Kylie Gierach and Abbigail Wagaman, Sheboygan Falls.
Taylor — Abby Schultz, Medford; Erin Probst, Rib Lake; and Morgan Birkenholz, Sheldon.
Walworth — Lauren Russell, Burlington; Morgan Courier, Delavan; Emily Cartland and Megan Smith, Elkhorn; and Victor Hayek, Whitewater.
Washington — Lauren Campbell, Hartford; Grace Merkt, Kewaskum; Alix Larson, Slinger; Hazel Benton, Guinevere Casper, Annika Engstrom, Benjamin Henckel, Megan Neitzel, Katherine Nichols, and Megan Swope, West Bend.
Waukesha — Gabrielle Heier, Colgate; Caleb Smith, Menomonee Falls; Keely Palmer, Muskego; Emma Gilbertson, Nashotah; Alyssa Bredfeld and Taylor Deckert, New Berlin; Daniel Markano and Ashley Wittmann, Sussex; and Katlyn Jaeger, Waukesha.
Waupaca — Barbara Boyer, Doniven Coenen, Savannah Harbath, and Ruchita Patel, Clintonville; Megan Schuelke, Manawa; Jared Sawall, Marion; Victoria Blum, Destiny Douglas, and Andrea Lenoble, New London; and Brynn Rasmussen, Waupaca.
Waushara — Samuel Langenfeld, Hancock; and Faith Klick, Wild Rose.
Winnebago — Brittany McKenzie, Appleton; Shayde Sell, Fremont; Katelyn Koval, Larsen; Kaitlynn Habeck and Manuel Vivas III, Menasha; Chloe Bigalke, Danielle Jensen, Alicia LeBoeuf, Andrew Stephani, Rachel Terry, and Tabatha Zwicky, Neenah; William Arps, Nathan Erck, and Troy Leffelman, Omro; Joshua Berens, Kyle Flunker, and Caelyn Jischke, Oshkosh; Allyson Hewitt, Savannah Miller, and Michael Wagner, Winneconne.
Wood — Erin Mader, Marshfield; Abigail Heil, Zachary Kozlowski, and Liesl Sigourney, Wisconsin Rapids.

Other states

California — Ariana Salazar, Visalia.
Illinois — Meghan Paluch, Des Plaines. Katherine Nagler, West Chicago. Matthew Richter, Wadsworth. Leah Zorn, Chatsworth. Trevor Warczak, Algonquin. Noah Hanold, Peoria. Noah Janssen, Rockford.
Indiana — Rebecca Radtke, Munster.
Iowa — Anna Liu, Des Moines.
Michigan — Caitlyn Leisner and Kathleen Stephenson, Gladstone. Whitlee Neuens, Iron Mountain; Katie Cudnohufsky and Courtney Rietveld, Kingsford; and Alyssa Moln, Norway. Zachary Gloshen, Traverse City. Alex Almquist, Hancock. Ibrahim Hamza, Saint Clair Shores. Lilly Johnson, Alison Nordquist, and Amanda Rosado, Menominee.
Minnesota — Riley Darling, Lindstrom. Shawn Riedesel and Lyndsey Robson, Burnsville; and Matthew Murphy, Hastings. Abrahm Hill, Rochester. RaeAnn Hill, New Brighton; Michaela Wentz, Saint Paul; and Samuel Myers, White Bear Lake. Anna Eaton, New Prague. Ciana Fragnito, Oakdale.
Montana — Erika Spear, Butte.
Pennsylvania — Tyler Brandon, West Chester.
Tennessee — Sasha Huven, Smithville.


Bolivia — Juan Albis, La Paz.
Canada — Carli Vogel, Winnipeg.
China — Zeyu Yan, Guiyang; Qisai Liu, zibo.
Finland — Roosa Turunen, Hameenlinna Kanta-Hame.
Germany — Monika Gredzinski, Rheda-Wiedenbruek.
Israel — Tomer Zloczower, Ness Ziona.
Italy — Stefania Lazzaretto, Chioggia.
Netherlands — Laetitia Brouwer, Hellevoetsluis.
Pakistan — Zeeshan Ali, Gujranwala.



Ashland — Shayla Warren, Ashland.
Barron — Selene Singerhouse, Prairie Farm; and Samantha Soley, Rice Lake.
Brown — Paige Osmunson, Allouez; Kayla Minor and Katelin Sitkoski, Ashwaubenon; Nicholas Buresh, Zachary Goblisch, Leah Gohlke, Katherine Horkman, Erich Kox, Cole Krajewski, Zachary Mandich, Miranda Martin, Tayler McAuliffe, Austen McGowan, Emilee Mulhern, Esther Nalukwago, Garet Osterberg, Jared Ramirez, Noah Redfearn, Jessica Reed, Hannah Roffers, Taylor Salm, Cody Schwartz, Callista VanDeHei, Mackenzie Vander Bloomen, Neela Worthington, Marissa Wussow, Jaclyn Zalewski, and Ashley Zellner, De Pere; Evan Kane, Kevin Nohr, and Katie Wanek, Denmark; Ethan Ahnen, Jacob Ajax, Haley Arellano, Makayla Baeten, Brianna Beauchamp, Rockford Beauchamp, Nallely Berumen, Alissa Bethke, Natalie Bird, Shane Bird, Wayne Borowski, Richard Borremans, Brett Borski, Bryce Bradison, Savanna Buchli, Amanda Burkel, Grace Caldie, Kayla Capwell, Cantara Carter, Emily Cave, MaiYoua Chang, Madeline Cichocki, Alora Clark, Carolynn Claussen, Christopher Conrad, Peter Corriveau, Charlie Croxford, Alana Dallas, RandiJo DeGrave, Jake DeLeers, Victor DeLeon, Jaclyn Delagrange, Joshua Delvaux, Eric Demro, Mareah Desotelle, Brandon Dishaw, Wade Druar, Natalie Duquaine, Alex Ebinal, Katie Flanigan, Kelsey Flaskrud, Julia Fox, Sara Gerrow, Amanda Getgen, Hannah Gohde, Rachel Gregory, Emily Grunder, Grecia Guzman, Molly Gwitt, Michelle Haapala, Amy Hansen, Tricia Hansen, William Harrill, Elayna Hartter, Jacob Hawley, Jennifer Hungerford, Alexis Jablonski, Brenden Jackson, Emily Jadin, Eduardo Jauregui, Randall Jeske, Erik Johnson, Kirsten Just, Paul Karpenko, Taylor King, Jackson Kispert, Kendra Krejcarek, Matthew Kugel, Chloe Ledvina, Ned Lefevre, Jacob Legois, Carol Lenz, Roman Lyudmer, Gemma Mancini, Daniel Martin, Jennifer Maruszczak, Kassie McKeefry, Michael Messerschmidt, Jared Miesbauer, Savannah Mikle, Brooke Modjewski, Karly Murphy, Alyssa Nicewander, Brett Nimz, Rebekah Noll, Kelly O’Connell, Tristin O’Neill, Chris Parrish, Emily Patzer, Ally Piontek, Nicole Platkowski, Jasmine Quistorf, Ryan Rabitoy, Danielle Radtke, McKenzie Reimann, Charlie Ridout, Autumn Rockhill, Hailey Rogala, Madyson Rose, Jared Schmit, Emily Schmitz, Kara Schneeberger, Joseph Schuh, Courtney Schwartz, Falon Skaleski, Deanna Skoviak, Brody Stitz, Andrew Strassburg, Christina Swartout, Mads Thuestad, Eric Tikhonov, Alissa Tisdale, Kevin Tucker, Kayla Underhill, Pakou Vang, Victor Vang, Rowan Voskuil, Andrew Werner, Jordan Westfall, Damarco Williams, Julliet Xiong, and Zoua Xiong, Green Bay; Travis Cleven, Joseph Gassner, and Hayley Verbeten, Greenleaf; Amanda Frederick, Olivia Fugate, Caitlin Haynes, and Casey Nickel, Hobart; Alison Klein and Zachary Zimmerman, Howard; Chelsea Dekeyser, New Franken; Emily Fecteau, Mitzi MejiaJimenez, and Natasha Stevens, Oneida; Sarah Jerovetz and Autumn Rettke, Pulaski; Ryan Curtice, Ashley DeVoe, Alyssa Doelger, Kevin Dohm, Alyssa Gerondale, Natalie Grathen, Kyle Gross, Alexander Stoeberl, Hannah Weslow, and Calla Wise, Suamico; Margo Keuler, Nikolas Sandona, and Hannah Smith, Wrightstown.
Burnett — Ashlea Meister, Shell Lake.
Calumet — Kirstin Hopkins and Justin Krizenesky, Appleton; Kristine Fuhrmann and Austin Mentzel, Brillion; Donna Bartel, Ryan Vandenboom, and Victoria Wollersheim, Chilton; Katharina Keller, Forest Junction; Gabriella Thiel, Hilbert; Eric Walters, Menasha; Lindsey Casper and Cassidy Salm, New Holstein; and Cheng Xiong, Sherwood.
Chippewa — Ashli Fox, Chippewa Falls; and Cora LaMarche, Stanley.
Clark — Chelsea Neisius, Thorp.
Columbia — Erin Murray, Arlington; Lilianna Jones, Fall River; and Sarah Bock, Lodi.
Dane — Lauren Shorter, Fitchburg; Lydia Delikat, Madison; Leah Adler, Mazomanie; and Mari Mitchell, Monona.
Dodge — Angelique Dambruch, Caleb Deering, and Brienna Landsness, Beaver Dam; Jacob Dabringer, Brownsville; McKayla Krenz, Burnett; Cassandra Peltier, Juneau; Alexandra Liegl, Collin Rickert, and Tasha Rusch, Mayville; Cassandra Sauer and Caleb Schulz, Waupun.
Door — Raymond-Jefferson Sindac, Egg Harbor; Kayla Counard, Forestville; Adam Ahrens, Alexandra Bretl, Wattana Chairin, Johnny Gomez, Isaiah Hernandez, Amanda Plaszkiewicz, and Mackenzie Schopf, Sturgeon Bay.
Dunn — Alyssa Stuart, Boyceville; and Edward Johnson, Menomonie.
Eau Claire — Kira Shiffer, Altoona; Mary Glittenberg and Andrea Lauer, Eau Claire.
Florence — Jessica Glime, Florence; and Taylor Tushoski, Niagara.
Fond Du Lac — Megan Gassner and Brianna Kramer, Campbellsport; Cali Chase, Emma Keifenheim, Grace Pechman, Britany Petrack-Retzlaff, Zachary Renderman, Olivia Salm, Aaron Schmitz, and Tyler Schram, Fond du Lac; Samantha Simon, Malone; Noah North, Van Dyne; Aaron Frye and Noah Knueppel, Waupun.
Forest — Erin Howerton, Crandon.
Green — Rianna Kubly and Ayannah Symons, Monroe; and Kallista Baebler, Monticello.
Green Lake — Sophia Lehr, Berlin; Benjamin Denk, Markesan; and Kendra Isberner, Princeton.
Iowa — Paige Lee, Hollandale.
Iron — Hunter Osterman, Hurley.
Jefferson — Molly Noffke, Ixonia; Robleh Omar, Jefferson; Peyton Weinreich, Palmyra; and Evan Holzhueter, Waterloo.
Juneau — Jessicah Murphy, Necedah.
Kenosha — Malynn Tarczewski and Cora Terletzky, Kenosha; and Siera Sieberth, Salem.
Kewaunee — Cassandra Dart, Alexa Jenerjohn, Raymond Shaw, and Alec Wery, Algoma; Christopher Carpenter, Denmark; Cody Bultman and Sydney Kruse, Kewaunee; Caitlin Cravillion, Stephanie Gilbertson, Haley Marks, Jessica Ploof, and Joshua Zeitler, Luxemburg.
La Crosse — Coua Xiong, Holmen; and Sheila Schabel, Onalaska.
Lafayette — Kayla Paulson, Argyle.
Langlade — Kyle Deacy and Cassie Wiegert, Antigo.
Lincoln — Cameron Curry and Samantha Locke, Merrill.
Manitowoc — Amber Honnef, Denmark; Austin Korff and Evan Meyer, Kiel; Emily Bernhardt, Jared Heinzen, Nicklas Manis, Steven Manis, Nichole Olson, Alexis Thompson, and Elisa Vohen, Manitowoc; Brianna Bohm, Bailey Page, and Jordan Sisel, Mishicot; Heather Haberland, Catherine Hinkle, and Josette Ott, Reedsville; Matthew Reindl, Saint Nazianz; Kendall Brey, Tiffany Neumann, Ashley Taylor, and Elizabeth Tulachka, Two Rivers; Ian Gauger, Valders; and Austin Carron, Whitelaw.
Marathon — Griffin Magee, Eland; Kailey Durst, Kronenwetter; Diane Le, Mosinee; Karlie Merkel and Kendra Wolfgram, Schofield; Kallie Reckner, Spencer; Misty Wolff, Wausau; and Zachary Mizgalski, Weston.
Marinette — Regina Russ, Amberg; Morgan Lisowe and Jacob Woulf, Coleman; Courtney Squires, Fence; Becky Berry, Lexus Bretl, Paige Dugre, Nikki Hakanen, Justin Kelly, Mariah McDonough, Jordyn Nicklaus, Steven Renner, Keisha Stuart, Rabecca Veness, and Mackenzie Waloway, Marinette; Ethan Blagec, Niagara; Lance Crevier, Benjamin Pepper, and Olivia Smith, Peshtigo; Allison Zorn, Porterfield; Olivia Kobus, Pound; and Brooke VanLaanen, Wausaukee.
Menominee — Santana Caldwell and Kayeloni Heczko, Keshena.
Milwaukee — Morgen Bembenek and Alison Denecke, Brown Deer; Emma Jarumbo and Courtney Matschke, Franklin; Elias Mitchell, Hales Corners; Tiffany Ambeau, Jacob Boese, John Bradford, Abigail Kaczynski, and Savannah Krznarich, Milwaukee; Morgan Johnson, Indiana Schilz, and Kennedy Tate, Oak Creek; Charlotte Berg, Shorewood; Hannah Fischer, South Milwaukee; Caitlin Egan, Hannah Moon, and Greggory Palkowski, West Allis; and Caitlin Balliet, Whitefish Bay.
Monroe — LeAnn Downing, Cashton.
Oconto — Carol Brehmer, Ryan Mahsem, Samuel Molitor, and Heaven Winter, Abrams; Samuel Abegglen, Krakow; Austin Garsow, Little Suamico; Brianna Cain and Jasey Jicha, Oconto; Loryn Radke, Oconto Falls; Russell Bablitch, Kelly Polzin, and Ryan Wallenfang, Sobieski; and Rylie Wendt, Suring.
Outagamie — Trenton Argall, Kara Barber, Lori Barningham, Darsity Birling, Anna Bomber, Molly Cornelius, Kimberly Davis, Noah El-Yaagoubi, Cole Freund, Eli Gartner, Alexa Hietpas, Delaney Langenberg, Rachel Lawrynk, Amanda Leigh, Melissa Meinheit, Justin Meyer, Rachel Moderson, Rochelle Pacheco, Adiar Pech, Ashlee Petrisko, Nathaniel Piette, Megan Rambo, Fiona Somers, and Samantha Verhagen, Appleton; Ramsey Peterson and Janelle VanDeHei, Black Creek; Eric Ballestad and Clarice Martell, Bonduel; Kiara Skenandore-Doxtater and William Wendt, De Pere; Riley Genke, Freedom; Aaron Voss, Greenville; Kaylyn Herron, Hortonville; Autumn Bartelt, Micaela Fafnis, Shawn Hensel, Elyse Lemke, Shaela Romenesko, and Ashley Willes, Kaukauna; Paige Gorges and Sarah Haas, Kimberly; Skyler Douglas, Jessica Missall, Caylee Sacquitne, and Branden VandeVen, Little Chute; Jake Daub and Ariel Forcey, Seymour; Megan Coenen and Emily Kelly, Shiocton.
Ozaukee — Tara Hanson and Luke Melotik, Grafton; and Evelynn Ehrlich, Port Washington.
Pepin — Brittany Brantner, Mondovi.
Pierce — David Borgerson-Burge, Katelyn Kraemer, Morgan Moe, and Danielle Weber, River Falls.
Polk — Alexis Beese, Amery; Sydney Dobrzynski and Abbigail Thompson, Osceola.
Portage — Thomas Robinson and Emma Wallace, Almond; and Anna Zajakowski, Stevens Point.
Price — Robyn Chrouser and Jacinda Pritzl, Park Falls; and Ashley Kilty, Phillips.
Racine — Quinne Herolt, Burlington; Miah Childers, Franksville; Daniel Aguilar, Jennifer Cruz, Carly Dow, and Guillermo Gomez Jr, Racine.
Richland — Delaney Duell and Laura Ewing, Richland Center.
Rock — Montana Fallin, Beloit; Hayden Barlass, Brooklyn; Olivia Heilman and Norah Swenson, Janesville; Chelsea Curley and Lindsay Fanning, Milton.
Rusk — Brooke Wiles, Bruce.
Saint Croix — Matthew Wink, Glenwood City; Katherine Koerper, Hammond; and Mason Triebold, Hudson.
Sauk — Brianna Berger and Teri Fuller, Baraboo; and Georgia Haake, Prairie du Sac.
Sawyer — Emily Burger, Hayward.
Shawano — Cassie Andraschko, Birnamwood; Kayla Beyersdorf, Heather McClone, and Phillip VanGheem, Bonduel; Meghan Hoffman, Clintonville; Maranda Brei and Amber Brown, Leopolis; Danielle Banaszynski and Samantha Kapla, Pulaski; Mackenzie Dingeldein, Shawano; and Alexis Block, Wittenberg.
Sheboygan — Madeline Brey, Jessica Crist, and Vanessa Depies, Cedar Grove; Claire Feldmann, Elkhart Lake; Noelle Eschen, McKayla Kertscher, and Kayla Wunsch, Howards Grove; Melissa Taylor, Kewaskum; Elise Vollmer, Kohler; Levi Modahl and Justin Sonnentag, Oostburg; Sara Kroneck and Lindsey McCabe, Plymouth; Andrew Shafer, Random Lake; Matthew Gruetzmacher, Allison Kolb, Abbey Martin, Rebecca Mendez, Maxwell Meyer, Hannah Mohoric, Ethan Najacht, Erin Schmitt, Kayde Warm, Ma Xiong, and Alisha Ziegler, Sheboygan; Payton Benzschawel, Sydney Federer, Kari Kretschmann, and Brianna VanWyk, Sheboygan Falls.
Taylor — Kylie Weise, Rib Lake.
Trempealeau — Dallas Glomstad Foster, Galesville.
Walworth — McKenzie Swantz, Burlington; Melissa Krueger, Darien; and Alayna Mikulski, Whitewater.
Washburn — Tressa Lundsten, Hayward.
Washington — Miranda Esser, Germantown; Theresa Burakowski, Hartford; Karlie Powers, Hubertus; Cassandra Schneiker, Jackson; Andrea Gildersleeve, Richfield; Samuel Friedemann, Slinger; Miriam Casper, Leah Schrank, Taylor Smith, Samantha Spalda, Lindsey Talma, and Benedict Tennies, West Bend.
Waukesha — Amaliya Quick, Dousman; Emma Hammond, Eagle; Samuel Sternitzky, Elm Grove; Karlee Saladin and Grace Weston, Menomonee Falls; Nathan Clemens, Madison Heun, and Meghan Lepak, Mukwonago; Nicole Khoury and Brenna Nicholson, Muskego; Elissa Gilbertson, Nashotah; Jordan Arthur, Elizabeth Kircher, and Sabrina Samuel, New Berlin; Silvy Bruette and Riley Webster, Oconomowoc; and Cory O’Donnell, Waukesha.
Waupaca — Megan Jones and Madelynn Russ, Iola; Samantha Johnson, Manawa; Emily Sawall, Marion; Oliva Anda and Jade Huntley, New London; Megan Treloar, Scandinavia; and Amanda Loehrke, Weyauwega.
Waushara — Brittney Meyer, Berlin; Aaron Vandecastle and Emily Weber, Wild Rose.
Winnebago — Samuel Engel, Larsen; Kaitlyn DeValk, Brittany Ellie, Hayley Feavel, Rebekah Knoke, Joseph Reichert, and Ethan Whitney, Menasha; Rachael Kinjerski, Shawn Korkow, McKenna Seegers, Isabel Taubel, and Abby Wisneski, Neenah; Benjamin Berndt, Omro; Jacob Derenne, Luke Flunker, Zachary Kovach, Marissa Miller, Heather Nimke, Taylor Reichow, Allison Schmiedel, Hailey Schunk, and Natalie Tyriver, Oshkosh.
Wood — Arielle Kukulka, Auburndale; Hayden Boson and Amandalee Miller, Marshfield; Seth Frizzell, Brianna Kemnitz, Katie Krueger, and Coleton LaBarre, Wisconsin Rapids.

Other States

Alaska — Mykaela McMullen, Anchorage.
Arizona — Jenna Vaaler, Sierra Vista.
Illinois — Ashley Sledge, Matteson; and Caitlyn Groom, Palatine. Mikaela Ryman, Island Lake; and Samantha Muench, Mundelein. Cameron Rosborough, East Moline. Marissa Mertens, Washington. Andrei Podgurski, Naperville; and Greta Thompson, Plainfield. Taylor Howe, Rockford.
Michigan — Jack Burgess, Iron Mountain; and Janay Walters, Kingsford. MyKailah Siggers, Wyoming. Morgan Furton and Valeriy Melnyk, Menominee.
Minnesota — Noah Nei, East Bethel. Ian Smith, Minneapolis; Jessica Hanson, Minnetrista; and Rachael Peterson, New Hope. Ryan Atkins, New Prague. Ryan Mead, Forest Lake; and Bernard Rhule, Oakdale. Derrick Prenot, Winona.
Missouri — Garrett Spencer, Lees Summit.
Nebraska — Conner Funke, Elkhorn.
New Jersey — Gabrielle Niemiec, Wallington.
New York — Nicole Cassidy, Merrick.
Ohio — Shannon Coughlin, Oregon.
Texas — Eboni Blevins, Killeen.


Brazil — Bruna De Luca Muraca, Indaiatuba; Leonardo Fadul, Jacarei.
Canada — Andre Baires, Winnipeg.
Germany — Natascha Hoffmann, Gruendau.
India — Gurleen Sikri, ludhiana.
Korea — Sojeong Lee, Kwangju.
Netherlands — Elke vanderWerff, Alphen aan den Rijn.
Pakistan — Attia Arooj, Wah Cantt.
United Kingdom — Miles McDowall, Winchester.
Taiwan — Ya-Ching Kuo, Taoyuan City

About the University of Wisconsin-Green Bay
The University of Wisconsin-Green Bay is a comprehensive public institution offering undergraduate, graduate and doctoral programs to nearly 8,000 students with campus locations in Green Bay, Marinette, Manitowoc and Sheboygan. Established in 1965 on the border of Green Bay, the University and its campuses are centers of cultural enrichment, innovation and learning. The Green Bay campus is home to one of the Midwest’s most prolific performing arts centers, a nationally recognized 4,000-seat student recreation center, an award-winning nine-hole golf course and a five-mile recreational trail and arboretum, which is free and open to the public. This four-campus University transforms lives and communities through student-focused teaching and research, innovative learning opportunities, powerful connections and a problem-solving approach to education. UW-Green Bay’s main campus is centrally located, close to both the Door County resort area and the dynamic economies of Northeast Wisconsin, the Fox Valley region and the I-43 corridor. UW-Green Bay offers in-demand programs in science, engineering and technology; business; health, education and social welfare; and arts, humanities and social sciences. For more information, visit



Don’t miss this Phoenix take on a Holiday Classic

Phlash Alone

When the Phoenix Family left for winter break, it forgot one minor detail… Phlash.

UW-Green Bay reimagines a holiday classic in this must-see video greeting. It’s the holiday season and the Phoenix Family is busy finishing the semester and preparing for winter break. When UW-Green Bay mascot, Phlash, is forgotten and alone on campus, there is mischief to get into and fun to be had. But watch as the story unfolds and the beloved mascot learns the value of Phoenix Family.

Weidner Center hosts ‘Culture Stakeholder Meeting’

Arts & Culture Stakeholders at the Weidner Center

Executive and Artistic Director, Kelli Strickland (Weidner Center) and Dean Chuck Rybak (College of Arts Humanities and Social Sciences) recently hosted art and culture stakeholders and makers, artists, arts educators, arts organization leaders, arts supporters, advocates and arts administrators to help kick-start conversations and brainstorming about arts and culture in our region. Discussion included collaboration, communication and funding. Representatives from Neville Public Museum, On Broadway, Art Garage, UW-Green Bay, St. Norbert, NEWDO, Civic Symphony, Oneida Nation Arts Council, Write On Door Co., Untitled Town, Unhinged, Green Bay Public Art Commission, Theatre Z, Green Bay Theatre Company, Greater Green Bay Community Foundation, Ashwaubenon PAC, Northeast Wisconsin Arts Alliance, Film Green Bay, Olde Main Street District and the Youth Arts Initiative at the Boys and Girls Club gathered in Fort Howard Hall were represented.

Click thumbnails to enter slideshow view or view the album on Flickr.

– Photos submitted by Kelli Strickland