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12/23/2016 - Faculty note: Prof. Kaye shares interviews and new(t) column

Ben Mankiewicz (host of The Young Turks (TYT) interviews historian Prof. Harvey J Kaye. Kaye is UW-Green Bay’s Ben & Joyce Rosenberg Professor of Democracy and Justice Studies. Kaye comments on the “making of a new narrative” for our country. Listen to the interview here. Prof. Kaye visits Madame Perry’s Salon to discuss his book, […]

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12/22/2016 - After the game. Plan.


Prof. Radosevich teams with InitiativeOne to launch ‘PostGame Strategy’ for former professional athletes We have all heard the stories — former professional athletes, sometimes millionaires, find themselves penniless or having great difficulty transitioning from sports to the business world. Green Bay-based business InitiativeOne saw a need and a niche to help these athletes. But before […]

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12/22/2016 - Video: Winter 2016 Commencement Highlights


In this short video, you will see the power and passion that goes into a UW-Green Bay degree and just what the celebration means for those who braved the wintery weather to participate in Fall Commencement 2016. (Fun “b-roll” includes a tractor with power brush leading grads from parking lot to the Weidner Center).

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12/22/2016 - UW-Green Bay computer science graduates have jobs waiting for them

Computer Science Graduates

They are ready and eager for the working world. Only nine of UW-Green Bay Computer Science students were eligible to graduate in December 2016  — six made it to the ceremony — but each is in high demand in the workforce and most had jobs lined up before they graduated. Pictured in the photo above, […]

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12/21/2016 - Take a Scroll through UW-Green Bay’s Top 16 Moments of 2016

Friends, fans and family of UW-Green Bay have witnessed some monumental moments this year, bashing records, basking in international spotlights and celebrating major accomplishments. Take a scroll through the best moments of 2016 at UW-Green Bay: Green Bay men’s and women’s basketball teams experience March Madness For the first time since 1994, both Green Bay […]

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12/17/2016 - UW-Green Bay’s December commencement: The most wonderful time of the year


With snow continuing to fall and creating a winter wonderland backdrop, the University of Wisconsin-Green Bay held its 94th commencement ceremony Saturday, December 17 at the University’s Weidner Center for the Performing Arts. “At UW-Green Bay this is not a winter day. It’s commencement day,” Chancellor Gary L. Miller said when asked about the weather […]

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12/17/2016 - Capping-off an incredible experience: UW-Green Bay graduates mark their departure with personalized caps


Hats off to the creative UW-Green Bay December 2016 graduates who took advantage of the opportunity to express themselves through mortarboard art. Click thumbnails to enter slideshow view or view the album on Flickr. – Photos by Dan Moore, Photographer/Videographer and Amanda Jo Danihel, Intern, Marketing and University Communication

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12/17/2016 - UW-Green Bay Professor Phil Clampitt leads commencement procession as University’s Mace Bearer


Carrying the mace for the December 2016 commencement ceremony was UW-Green Bay Professor Phillip G. Clampitt. The University Mace — a ceremonial staff signifying authority — is carried to the stage by one of the most accomplished faculty members just ahead of the Chancellor during the commencement procession. The centuries-old academic tradition is believed to […]

12/17/2016 - Ortiz to UW-Green Bay grads, ‘dream high’


“And I look at you today and I look at the American flag presiding over all the other flags and symbols honored at this ceremony and I am reassured that, through our concerted efforts, this country will continue to hold the promise that hard and honest work matters more than the color of your skin, […]

12/17/2016 - Badalamenti gives colorful Commencement address, uses Rubik’s Cube to make his point


Vincenzo (Vince) Badalamenti, a psychology major, was chosen to speak on behalf of his graduating class in UW-Green Bay’s December 2016 Commencement ceremony. Using a six-sided Rubik’s Cube to demonstrate his main point — that graduates have been influenced by six different spheres including parents, family members, friends, co-workers, educators, and even random people — and […]

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