Video: No longer marked with an x, UW-Green Bay Prof. Ryan Martin’s talk is now TED official

UW-Green Bay Professor and Associate Dean Ryan Martin (Psychology, CAHSS) can drop the “X”. His TEDx FondduLac Talk video presentation, “The Upside of Anger,” has officially moved to TED Talk status. That means the TED  organization has recognized Martin’s presentation as one that should be spread nationally, and even globally!

TEDx FondduLac founder and license holder, Sarah Spang, shared the good news on March 20, 2019.

“Having an official TED Talk means that the idea given on the TEDx platform was so valuable that TED wanted to make it more easily accessible and available to all individuals around the world,” she said. “While all TEDx Talks are recorded and uploaded for worldwide viewing, a video being on is more easily searchable, is translated into more languages, and embodies the true spirit of TED’s ‘ideas worth spreading’ mission. For Ryan to have his Talk at this level shows the amount of work, research, and passion brought forth with his idea.”

TEDxFdL Ryan Martin
UW-Green Bay Prof. Ryan Martin

Martin, the psychology chair and associate dean for UW-Green Bay’s College of Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences, said having his talk get picked up by the TED organization was a “secret dream” but he didn’t really think it would happen. “I found out Novemberish that the talk was being considered for, but since I didn’t hear anything after that, I assumed it wasn’t happening.”

To be part of the TEDx and the TED process has deep value for Martin.

“I love what TED is all about,” he says. “To me, there is little more valuable than creating a space to share ideas (that’s why I work on a college campus). For years, I actually watched a TED talk every day and I’ve made some big life changes based on ideas that I took from them.”

Spang said that Martin’s talk is the first in the region to move to TED status.

“Ryan’s is the first TEDxFondduLac Talk to become an official TED Talk, the first for the Fox Cities region, and, I believe, the first for Wisconsin TEDx events,” she said. “To put the difficulty into better context: it’s someone’s job at TED to watch every single TEDx video that happens around the world. For an idea to stand out from the countless ideas being watched every day, that’s huge!”

Other speakers (Brene Brown, for example) have been launched into stardom because of their talk.

“The idea that people are watching it globally is both exciting and nerve-wracking,” Martin says.  “I just hope people like it and feel like it’s personally valuable to them.”

Now that he could be on his way to international fame, Martin is moving into the next TED phase — he has been named a coach for the next TEDx UW-Green Bay, which had its inaugural program at the University’s Weidner Center in November of 2018. A call for speakers for the 2019 event will released soon.

“I’m really excited about being a coach this year,” Martin said. “My coach, Kristi Wilkum, was so important to me in the process of preparing my talk. She had great ideas and helped me work through a lot along the way.  I’m happy to try and be that person for someone else.”

Photo submitted from TEDxFondduLac, Brian Kolstad photographer

Top 10 UW-Green Bay news stories of 2018

Thank you to our readers for another great year. UW-Green Bay news editors are grateful to the UW-Green Bay community for reading and sharing UW-Green Bay news. Take a look back at top headlines of 2018 (based on web analytics).

1. Commencement Speaker Xiong tells graduates, ‘Create your own paj ntaub story’


Tears of pride and joy, for her family, her Hmong heritage, her UW-Green Bay family, flowed freely as graduate Bao Nhia Xiong ’18 spoke at the UW-Green Bay Spring Commencement ceremony at the Kress Events Center, Saturday, May 12, 2018. She was chosen to speak on behalf of her graduating class by UW-Green Bay faculty.

Comparing the student journey to a paj ntaub story — the Hmong art of adding intricate embroidery to traditional Hmong clothing — Xiong encouraged her fellow students to hold onto three distinct threads as they create their own paj ntaub: Family, university community and the spirit of giving back. See more.

2. UW-Green Bay offers a Bachelor of Science in Nursing starting in 2020

The University received approval from the UW Board of Regents August 24, 2018 to move ahead in offering a prelicensure Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN) program, paving the way for students to begin in fall 2020. The program will expand UW-Green Bay’s ability to fulfill unmet student demand for a high-quality BSN degree at an affordable tuition cost. See more.

3. UW-Green Bay names leaders at Marinette, Manitowoc and Sheboygan campuses

Provost Greg Davis announced Friday, July 20, 2018 the new leaders of the branch campuses — Cindy Bailey at Marinette, Rachele Bacik at Manitowoc and Jennifer Williamson-Mendez at Sheboygan. See more.

4. UW-Green Bay Mechanical Engineering gets the green light

Engineering control panel

UW-Green Bay’s efforts to establish an in-region resource for developing highly needed mechanical engineering talent in Northeast Wisconsin took a gigantic step forward Feb. 9, 2018 with the UW System Board of Regents approving the University’s request to offer the new program on its campus. UW-Green Bay began accepting freshmen into the program in Fall 2018. See more.

5. ‘Future 15’ members have UW-Green Bay ties

Future 15 Trio

Out of the thousands of young professionals in the Greater Green Bay area, hundreds are nominated and 15 are highlighted to represent their peers. They are selected because they have the potential to lead their communities, their places of work, their families. They are Green Bay Area Chamber of Commerce’s Current Young Professionals Future 15. More impressive, three of the 15 chosen this year are employees of UW-Green Bay and four are UW-Green Bay alumni. See more.

6. UW-Green Bay alumna provides purrrfect comfort, delicious drinks and cat cuddles

Elizabeth Feldhousen at Cat Café

Imagine relaxing in a comfortable chair after a long day. Sipping a delicious beverage and taking in the calm atmosphere around you as you nuzzle a warm, furry feline purring on your lap. The Safe Haven Pet Sanctuary and Cat Café, owned by UW-Green Bay alumna Elizabeth Feldhausen ‘15, gives the Green Bay community the opportunity to experience it all.

Safe Haven Pet Sanctuary and Cat Café is a non-profit, no-kill, no-cage pet sanctuary that rescues cats with special needs from euthanasia. The Cat Café is the first in the region. The cats are given a home in the Cat Café, a cozy cafe that allows customers to interact with, and be surrounded by cats. According to Feldhausen, the goal of the cafe is to create a psychologically pleasing atmosphere to encourage healing, and to build confidence in cats. See more.

7. UW-Green Bay’s Weidner Center hosts Inaugural TEDx Series in Green Bay

Speaker Composite Image

UW-Green Bay brought its first independently organized TEDx series titled TEDxUW-GreenBay to the Weidner Center for the Performing Arts on Nov. 1 2018. The theme was RISING. “We are often faced with barriers and unanticipated challenges,” says TEDxUW-Green Bay organizers. “Rising above challenges is the hallmark of resilience and the pathway to a brighter future. The series featured eight established speakers discussing various topics.” See more.

8. UW-Green Bay footprint grows as it is joined by campuses in Marinette, Manitowoc and Sheboygan


On July 1, UW-Green Bay, UW-Marinette, UW-Manitowoc and UW-Sheboygan joined together as one university with one mission. The new UW-Green Bay is a four-campus university with a 16-county footprint, 700 ongoing employees and an enrollment of about 7,700 students. See more.

9. UW-Green Bay prepares to roll out State’s first Impact MBA Program

UW-Green Bay received approval on Friday, August 24, 2018, to move ahead with an “Impact MBA” administrated by the University’s Austin E. Cofrin School of Business. An Executive Master of Business Administration (MBA) degree program, the Impact MBA prepares working, experienced professionals to lead their organizations forward through the modern era of accelerating technology, disruptive business landscapes and growing social and environmental opportunities. UW-Green Bay’s program offers a unique approach to business leadership training in the state of Wisconsin. The program will begin in Summer 2019.

10. UW-Green Bay students network with Kohler executive leaders


On Wednesday, Oct. 10, 2018, UW-Green Bay students had the opportunity to have lunch at Lambeau Field and network with Kohler executive leaders from across the globe. Twenty-six students participated in the mentoring event, and were given the chance to interact with the executives to learn about career pathways, qualities and skills for success and overall thoughts on the global employment and marketplace. See more.


Moxie: One Woman’s Version | Kelly Ellis | TEDxUWGreenBay

Moxie: One Woman’s Version | Kelly Ellis | TEDxUWGreenBay

While bouncing back from a few hard knocks, Kelly Ellis realized that the power to have a great life had been with her all along. In her talk, Ellis defines moxie as the intersection of grit, gumption and self-awareness and shares a real life example of what happens when she stopped listening to others and lived her own authentic life. She encourages the audience to trust in their own instincts, express themselves and perhaps even go back to the person they were before life gave them a little too much advice about who to be when they grew up. Kelly Ellis is the Founder & Fearless Leader of the Greater Green Bay STEM Network, an organization created in 2013 to connect STEM education resources in the region. She is passionate about working closely with community nonprofits. Ellis graduated with a Business Administration degree (emphasis in Marketing) and high honors from UW-Green Bay in 2008. She minored in Studio Arts. This talk was given at a TEDx event using the TED conference format but independently organized by a local community. Learn more at

I Knew A Boy: A Human Beingness Story | Dan Terrio | TEDxUWGreenBay

I Knew A Boy: A Human Beingness Story | Dan Terrio | TEDxUWGreenBay

We all have a story. It’s the one thing that binds us all together. Far too often, we brush people off for what you perceive about them rather than getting to see their true self, or their ‘human beingness’ in this case. In this talk, Dan Terrio shares the importance of embracing your human beingness and sharing your stories so others can see who you really are. Dan Terrio has inspired countless youth and adults from all walks of life with his story of perseverance, strength and determination. Terrio began his motivational speaking career while recovering from injuries sustained in a car/train accident that left him temporarily confined to a wheelchair. To date, he has traveled to all 50 states presenting his inspiring story from growing up on an Indian Reservation to working in Washington D.C. He holds a bachelor’s degree in Interdisciplinary Studies ’12 and a master’s degree in Applied Leadership for Teaching and Learning ’14 from UW-Green Bay. This talk was given at a TEDx event using the TED conference format but independently organized by a local community. Learn more at

Stupid School Security and Discipline Policies | Jennie Young | TEDxUWGreenBay

Stupid School Security and Discipline Policies | Jennie Young | TEDxUWGreenBay

This talk outlines a method of radically re-imagining the American high school. It shows how high-security, prison-like schools are actually creating more danger than they’re preventing. The speaker suggests an unusual conceptual approach to fix this and argues that we need to stop tweaking an old system and instead work to create entirely new high school environments. Jennie Young is an assistant professor of English and the director of the first-year writing program at UW-Green Bay. She has a Ph.D. in English from Case Western Reserve University in Cleveland, Ohio. Her research interests include rhetorical theory and the rhetoric of education, specifically as it applies to high school students. She is also interested in creative nonfiction and its place in English composition programs and has published articles in both academic and creative journals. This talk was given at a TEDx event using the TED conference format but independently organized by a local community. Learn more at

Why Every Engineer Needs to Know Something About Business | Anne Schauer-Gimenez | TEDxUWGreenBay

Why Every Engineer Needs to Know Something About Business | Anne Schauer-Gimenez | TEDxUWGreenBay

After complaining about a challenging assignment, Anne Schauer-Gimenez was told in graduate school, “every engineer needs to know something about running a business.” In this TEDx talk, Schauer-Gimenez describes her journey from engineering into business. By starting a company, Mango Materials, she has gotten out of her comfort zone and made a transition from the lab into a role of outreach and marketing. Schauer-Gimenez is the vice president of customer engagement and co-founder of Mango Materials, a startup company that uses biogas (methane) to feed bacteria that manufacture a biodegradable polymer. She holds a bachelor’s degree in Environmental Science ’00 and a master’s degree in Environmental Science and Policy ‘02 from UW-Green Bay, along with a Ph.D. in Civil Engineering from Marquette University. This talk was given at a TEDx event using the TED conference format but independently organized by a local community. Learn more at

I am Enough | Fred Johnson | TEDxUWGreenBay

I am Enough | Fred Johnson | TEDxUWGreenBay

Technology has shattered the traditional pillars of leadership: position, competence, and information. Trust, the new foundation of leadership excellence requires authenticity, transparency, and vulnerability. Today’s leader must choose the path of self-discovery, self-belief, and a commitment to love oneself first as the prerequisite for leading others well. Fred Johnson is the chief executive officer and founder of InitiativeOne. He has created and implemented leadership transformation processes that accelerate positive culture change by helping leaders become more authentic, courageous, open and human than ever before. He is passionate about elevating leaders and exponentially impacting the leadership culture of an organization. This talk was given at a TEDx event using the TED conference format but independently organized by a local community. Learn more at

Timing Is Everything | Lorenzo Lones | TEDxUWGreenBay

Timing Is Everything | Lorenzo Lones | TEDxUWGreenBay

Timing is often overlooked. Its never really considered to play a significant role in day-to-day life. In this talk, Lorenzo combines a personal story with research conducted at Washington University in St. Louis to explain why Timing is Everything. Lorenzo Lones is a neuroscience Ph.D. student at Washington University in St. Louis. He received bachelor of science degrees in Psychology and Human Biology from UW-Green Bay in 2016. Currently, he works in the lab of Dr. Aaron DiAntonio where he studies the molecular mechanisms underlying axon degeneration. This talk was given at a TEDx event using the TED conference format but independently organized by a local community. Learn more at

Prescription(s) for An Ailing American Healthcare System | Ashok Rai, M.D. | TEDxUWGreenBay

Prescription(s) for An Ailing American Healthcare System | Ashok Rai, M.D. | TEDxUWGreenBay

Isn’t it time we had a real discussion about reforming the American health care system? The health of America? No, not a political debate, real ideas about radical change. Dr. Ashok Rai is the president and chief executive officer of Prevea Health and is committed to the health and wellness of local communities. His passion to redesign health care in the U.S. embraces the movement from fee-for-service methods of payment to value-based care, which rewards health care organizations for their work in preventive health care and encouraging patients to live healthy lifestyles — and not for the amount of procedures they perform. This talk was given at a TEDx event using the TED conference format but independently organized by a local community. Learn more at

Death Lives Online | Illene Noppe Cupit | TEDxUWGreenBay

Death Lives Online | Illene Noppe Cupit | TEDxUWGreenBay

When a death occurs, mourners frequently are left alone in their grief because friends and family are uncomfortable around the griever and do not know how to offer support. This is especially the case for adolescents and young adults, many of whom are in college. Framed around the personal loss experienced by the speaker, Illene Cupit discusses her research on social media and death, which illustrates how mourners find supportive connections online. Illene Noppe Cupit is the Ben J. and Joyce Rosenberg Professor of Human Development, Psychology and Gender Studies at UW-Green Bay. She received her Ph.D. from the Educational Psychology Department of Temple University. Her research and publications have focused on college student bereavement, adolescent grief, the influence of the Internet in death and dying, and global issues related to trauma and loss. This talk was given at a TEDx event using the TED conference format but independently organized by a local community. Learn more at