Phoenix Friday cartoon

UW-Green Bay’s Michael Shaw draws Phoenix Friday (and other) cartoons

Michael Shaw
Michael Shaw

Michael Shaw toils as a marketing content writer for UW-Green Bay’s Office of Marketing and University Communication by day, and doodles at night. His cartoons have appeared in The New Yorker Book of Literary Cartoons, The Complete Cartoons of The New Yorker, The Rejection Collection I and II, plus various anthologies. His original cartoons are widely collected throughout the free world. (With fans ranging from Alec Baldwin to Alan Greenspan.) His drawings have also appeared in The St. Louis Post-Dispatch, Harvard Business Review, Prospect magazine in the UK, plus ABC News, 60 Minutes and MSNBC. (Feel free to give him a Google!) You can hear him with Weidner Center Executive Kelli Strickland in Bird in the Wings podcasts.

Other cartoons by Shaw

Illustration by Michael Shaw
Illustration by Michael Shaw
Illustration by Michael Shaw
Illustration by Michael Shaw

Make your own ‘Phlash-o-lantern’

Looking for last minute pumpkin carving patterns? UW-Green Bay is giving people the chance to show off their Phoenix pride by offering pumpkin carving patterns of the Athletics Phoenix and the Phoenix Emblem. Download the pattern, print, and transfer onto the pumpkin to show off your spooky school spirit. Display your “Phlash-o-lantern” with pride and share photos of your UW-Green Bay pumpkins at #uwgb or e-mail them to social media coordinator Jena Richter Landers,

Spooky Phoenix Spirit

Carve your pumpkins with Phoenix spirit this Halloween. Choose from the Athletics Phoenix or Phoenix Emblem pumpkin carving patterns below. Download the pattern, print, and transfer onto the pumpkin. Display your “Phlash-o-lantern” with pride and share photos of your UW-Green Bay pumpkins at #uwgb or e-mail them to social media coordinator Jena Richter Landers,

UW-Green Bay Pumpkin Carving Templates

Athletics Phoenix Pumpkin Carving Pattern Phoenix Emblem Pumpkin Carving Pattern

Help us ‘Rock the Resch’ Feb. 24

Rock the Resch

Rock the Resch is the start of a new tradition! Students, alumni and the campus community are invited to rock out at a tailgate party from 4 to 6 p.m. Feb. 24 at The Bar on Holmgren Way prior to the Green Bay men’s basketball game at 6 p.m. at the Resch Center.

Your Rock the Resch registration includes great tailgate food, two beverage tickets good for Budweiser products or soda, analumni-rock-resch-t-shirt_email-mock-up-model awesome, long sleeve Rock the Resch t-shirt, and fun swag to cheer on the Phoenix at the game. The band “Feel Good Kids” will perform and the UW-Green Bay Pep Band, Green Bay Spirit Squad and Phlash will make appearances, too. Cost is $30 for alumni and adult guests, $10 for children (under age 18).


UW-Green Bay Phoenix Snowlfake

Capturing the spirit of the season: Phoenix Snowflake

Caution: this project is only for the young, and the young of heart. In celebration of the first day of December, your friendly UW-Green Bay marketing and communication team brings you a printable paper craft download that combines Phoenix spirit and the spirit of the holiday season.

Download Phoenix Snowflake [PDF]

Follow these simple steps:

  1. Download and print the Phoenix Snowflake template.
  2. Fold along the gray lines.
    • Fold first in quarters, then in thirds, keeping the phoenix pattern facing up.
    • Burnish the edges of each crease.
  3. Cut away the gray areas.
    • Use a sharp scissors.
    • Don’t bother to cut out the circle. The extra paper will give you something to hold onto.
    • Cut the detailed areas at the center first. The facets of the snowflake become increasingly less secure with each cut. It will be easiest to do the tiny detailed areas first.
    • Pinch the folded paper tightly, to prevent it from moving. It may help to use a clamp-style paperclip to hold it securely.
  4. Proudly display your Phoenix allegiance and snowflake-cutting prowess for all to enjoy!

Go Phoenix!

Signs of Phoenix Phever: billboards, banners and signs

We’ve got spirit, yes we do! There are “signs” popping up all over that campus and community are experiencing Phoenix Phever in the midst of the NCAA Tournament potential.


Lamar Outdoor generously donated digital billboards to show support for the Phoenix. Watch for these two ads currently running in four total Green Bay locations.  The ads are being displayed once every minute, 24/7.

Green Bay Men's Basketball Billboard

Green Bay Men's Basketball Billboard


Have you caught Phoenix Phever? Look for the large athletics insignia-emblazoned banner, pre-furnished with green markers for your spirit-sharing convenience near the Cloud Commons in the University Union.

CdOBA2DWAAIqI6V phoenix-phever

Spirit signs

Get your free pre-printed Spirit Signs generously donated by DigiCOPY to show your spirit in your office or your dorm. Pick up yours at the University Union Information Center, Dean of Students Office or Kress Events Center front desk and display it proudly — available this afternoon (March 11).

Phoenix Men's Basketball Time to Dance Poster

Women's Basketball We're going dancing semifinals win 2016.03-WBB-Dancing-Poster


womens-bball-2016-HL-champs-tshirtThe Women’s Horizon League Championship shirt is now available in The Phoenix Bookstore — a must-have if you’re attending the tourney this weekend. Get yours.

The official Men’s Basketball champion t-shirt will be available at The Phoenix Bookstore today.