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‘CAHSS and Effect’ interview features Assistant Prof. Jason Cowell and Psychology student

The latest from “CAHSS and Effect” includes a conversation with Assistant Prof. Jason Cowell (Psychology) and Psychology student Shayla Warren. Warren arrived at UW-Green Bay enrolled in the Gateways to Phoenix Success (GPS) program, and now is studying the long-term neural impact of mild traumatic brain injury (TBI) and has doctoral aspirations. Warren has been working […]

‘Beginnings’ by Tomás Dominguez, tenor, will be performed at Weidner Center on Sunday (May 12)

Presented by UW-Green Bay Music, Associate Lecturer Tomás Dominguez (Music), a classically trained tenor, will give a recital that features the “beginnings” of works by Fauré, Dvorak, Mozart, Richard Adler, Michael Torke and Bernstein. Dominguez will be joined by Pam Heiser, piano and Victoria Dominguez, Connor Zuber, Linda Feldman and Aleksandr Gerhartz. This recital will take place at […]

Faculty note: Assistant Prof. Mandeep Singh Bakshi ‘Biofuels’ publication

Assistant Prof. Mandeep Singh Bakshi (Chemistry, Natural and Applied Sciences) published recent article “Biodiesel as a non-aqueous medium for the synthesis of nanomaterials: relevance to metallic particulate suspensions in biofuels and their removalin” in Biofuels. This work highlights the synthesis and characterization of nano materials in Biodiesel medium for removing metallic particulates from aqueous contaminations to achieve […]

Associate Prof. Jon Shelton quoted in ‘New York Times’ piece

Associate Prof. Jon Shelton (Democracy and Justice Studies) was quoted in the New York Times opinion piece “The Right Has a Greater Appreciation of Labor’s Role Than We Do.” “Long story short, union membership has stabilized, but the consequences have been severe. One of the things that is hard to capture—beyond the economics—is how much public employees […]

Guest speakers provide students with unique opportunities in Prof. Weinschenk’s class

Dr. Ashok Rai (CEO of Prevea Health; Chancellor’s Council of Trustees member) visited Associate Prof. Aaron Weinschenk’s (Political Science) Congress class to guest lecture on his testimony before Congress last year. He also talked about the importance of advocacy and lobbying, ways to re-think the American healthcare system and health issues facing Wisconsin like the […]

Faculty note: Prof. Coen asks, What Do You Mean By ‘Immigrants’?

Assistant Prof. Alise Coen (Political Science) wrote the article “What Do You Mean By ‘Immigrants’?” for CAHSS and Effect. In this article, Coen explains why “there is no single category or simple dichotomy in which ‘immigrants’ can be placed.” Read more.

Faculty note: Prof. Kaye talks President Trump in ‘The Guardian’

Ben & Joyce Rosenberg Professor Harvey J. Kaye (Democracy and Justice Studies) was quoted in The Guardian article “Trump vows America ‘will never be a socialist country’ during Wisconsin rally.” Prof. Harvey Kaye said in the article that Wisconsinites were angry ahead of the last election and provides insight on Wisconsinites feel now about the economy. Read […]