UW-Green Bay Expands Accelerated Degree Options

Green Bay, Wis.— Post-COVID, businesses and organizations have identified the need for a nimble workforce. Education empowers agility. UW-Green Bay has expanded accelerated degree options to better leverage education for working adults.

With accelerated courses, working adults can focus on fewer courses at a time, making it easier for them to progress in their goals while balancing a busy life of family and work. Accelerated courses are available in 7-week formats versus a more traditional 14-week format, which means an adult learner may be able to complete six credits to twelve credits in a semester rather than three to six credits to complete their degree faster. Courses are also guaranteed online. Accelerated degrees have a pathway or emphasis that has 100% accelerated courses.

Three majors are available in the accelerated format at UW-Green Bay:

  • Associate of Arts & Sciences (AAS) ― The perfect educational foundation, fulfilling general education requirements (60 credits). The AAS will also prepare adult learners to complete their bachelor’s degree, if they decide to continue on. With a variety of general studies courses available, learners can take classes that match their interests and career goals.
  • Organizational Leadership (Self-Directed Emphasis) ― Designed to help adult learners understand the theory and practice of leadership across disciplines, while allowing them to focus on a specific field of interest. This dynamic major develops important leadership skills, including critical and creative thinking, problem solving and communication. Organizational Leadership may be a fit for learners entering college for the first time, learners with some college credits but no associate’s degree or learners with either an AAS or an Associate of Applied Science degree from a technical college or other accredited college.
  • Business Administration (General Emphasis) ― Created for working adults with three years of professional experience and at least 40 credits of higher learning from an accredited university or college, who are looking to advance in their careers. Learners are capable of tailoring this degree to their specific goals, situations or work environments.

A major advantage to the accelerated degree options is the learner support provided. Anne Flesch is a dedicated student services coordinator for the accelerated degree options at UW-Green Bay. She is advisor, guide and admissions support all rolled into one. She will help learners develop a personalized plan to achieve their goals, starting with an initial consultation and unofficial evaluation, and continuing through the applications process.

“I am passionate and focused on the non-traditional, adult learner,” says Flesch. “I have a deep respect for their work ethic and recognize the commitment and sacrifices they make to meet their educational goals. They need creative educational solutions, and UW-Green Bay can deliver them.”

The accelerated degree options include a significant capability for customization, making them ideal solutions for employers committed to the strategic educational growth of their employees by offering tuition reimbursement.

Admission is now open for accelerated degree options beginning Fall 2022. Learn more about accelerated degree options at www.uwgb.edu/accelerate. Or contact Anne Flesch at flescha@uwgb.edu or 920-465-2085.

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